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Well, there's a huge change; namely that I used to prefer to play video games, and now I don't really anymore.

But regardless if I look at my gaming 'career', there's two constants really, in that I have always liked Zelda games from back when I first played A Link to the Past in the 90s until today, and I've always liked building-and-management games like SimCity, Anno or Rollercoaster Tycoon. Sadly that last genre hasn't had much that was actually interesting enough to play to me, for a variety of reasons.

Around that, my preference for genres or series has varied quite a lot. There was a time when I liked fighting games, a time when I liked realtime strategy games, a time when I liked cinematic adventure games, a time when I liked shooter games and even a time when I liked sports games. Overall, my preference for long, complicated, open and wide epic games grew as those games became more and more common, but these last few years, or maybe, this last decade even, my preference has greatly shifted towards games that are much easier to pick up and play, don't have any fluff, are shorter and much less complicated. Still, it is a case by case basis, Zelda, as I said, is mostly exempt from any 'rules'.