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    Animal Crossing going to Cross the 25mil Horizon???

    in Nintendo Discussion 11 hours ago

    It's very possible, but not a given. 15 million lifetime is the bare minimum, basically. It will probably already sell 15 million by the end of 2020 or at least by the end of Q1 2021. I'd say 20 million is pretty much a given. If it somehow sells 30 million or more, I will be very surprised. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Pokemon Sword/Shield are the only Switch games I...

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    Switch owners, did you have a Wii U/3DS?

    in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

    Both. Got a 3DS at launch (not a good idea) and a Wii U in Summer 2014. I then got a Switch in Summer 2017. From the GameCube and GBA onward I get every Nintendo platform. There's always at least a few 1st-party games I want to play. ...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion 4 days ago

    So I didn't want to make a thread about this because the general election is still almost 9 months away, but I was thinking about something. How will President Trump react if he loses? Will he have a Twitter meltdown, but accept the results? Will he demand a recount? Would he be super hostile towards any potential victorious opponent, or would some make him more angry than others? I think Joe...

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    Animal Crossing Direct announced for February 20

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    It's about time. We probably won't get a typical Nintendo Direct this month, but we'll likely get it next month. ...

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    Switch can't/won't outsell DS because...........

    in Sales Discussion on 18 February 2020

    The DS was cheap (the Lite was at any rate), had GBA compatibility, highly portable, and had unique software that was lightning in a bottle. The Switch could very well sell more than the Wii. If it's really lucky, it will outsell the combined sales of the GB and GBC. But it's not touching the DS (pun intended). I don't see any hardware ever coming close to the DS and PS2, though PS4 has a good...

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    Sony Back Button Attachment sold out nations wide?

    in Sony Discussion on 14 February 2020

    If I can find it, I kind of want it. $30 is pretty steep though for what I would use it for. I don't know if I'll ever get it, but it's cool. DualShock 5 might have back buttons, but we'll see. ...

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    PS5 build cost more than 450 USD , Sony probably having a hard time deciding the retail price

    in Sony Discussion on 14 February 2020

    I think $500 is a reasonable price given the specs. Maybe sweeten the deal with a bonus like 3 months of PS Plus included. I don't see the PS5 being priced any lower than $450. And since home consoles tend to launch with prices in increments of a hundred, round it up to $500. ...

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    What is your favorite type of RPG?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2020

    Turn-based, and that's the vast majority of my RPG experience anyway. Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Mother Trilogy, Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2, KOTOR I and 2, etc. ...

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    Disney encouraged by Spider-Man and Star Wars success to work with more developers on original games

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 February 2020

    shikamaru317 said: This makes it sound like Star Wars might be licensed out on a game by game basis after EA's 10 year deal expires in 2023. Good news for sure if true, EA will able to keep making sequels to their Star Wars games, and other publishers/devs will be able to take a crack at Star Wars as well. Disney's largest failing with Star Wars is the EA exclusive deal. There is...

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    It's not only Sony...Geoff Keighley is also skipping E3 , first time in 25 years

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 February 2020

    I don't see E3 surviving past the next 5 years. Nintendo hasn't had a major conference since 2012. Sony is a no-show, now. I get that are still big publishers, but the big three pull a ton of weight. ...

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    Nintendo Switch Online - February Game Updates

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 February 2020

    I'm sick of being handed crumbs and only having titles from Nintendo's two earliest home consoles. It's high time for N64, GCN, GB, GBC, and GBA games. ...

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    Switch at the start of 2020: what franchise is your most amazed No Show

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 February 2020

    Call of Duty, Madden, Grand Theft Auto, Persona, Tomb Raider I know it's a bit off-topic, but as first-party goes I'm surprised we don't have a Pikmin 3 port or Pikmin 4 by now. ...

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    Total sell in for the PlayStation 4 has reached 108.9 million units as of December 31st 2019 While Game & Network Service Down 20%

    in Sales Discussion on 06 February 2020

    I don't see it matching the PS2, but I see it going down as the second best-selling PlayStation of all-time and the second best-selling home console of all-time. It should finish between the Game Boy/Game Boy Color sales and DS sales. ...

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    Sakurai: Smash Bros has too many Fire Emblem characters and sword users

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 February 2020

    Umm...Sakurai has picked most characters for Smash. So he thinks that there wouldn't be too many Fire Emblem and sword characters if Corrin and Byleth were cut? There would still be too many. ...

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    Do you like Super Mario Sunshine?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 February 2020

    I first played it in 2004, shortly after my family got a GameCube. I fell in love with it, and it's one of my favorite games. It's one of those defining video games in my life. The music is so terrific and adds so much to the atmosphere. It still blows my mind how they got the water to look so good on a cartoony game on the GameCube. I do want Nintendo to keep Mario from getting stale, but I...

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    Is Bidens campaign dead?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 February 2020

    I hope so, but there's still unfortunately at least a moderate chance he gets the nomination. His entire popularity is "I was Obama's vice president." There's no other reason. ...

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    Nintendo 64 Lost to PlayStation Because Japanese Gamers Prefer “Depressing Games”

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 February 2020

    Or you know it could be... -Far higher storage capacity of discs, plus their lower cost -Less draconian licensing -JRPGs Yamauchi may have been a very successful businessman, but he was very greedy and very arrogant. ...

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    Will Switch get third party support post PS5?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 February 2020

    Yes. Obviously the high spec stuff won't be ported to Switch, as the current high spec stuff hasn't either with a few exceptions. A ton of Switch's third-party games are 7th Gen and older ports, as well as indies. Neither of those are technically demanding. PS5 and Xbox Series X will affect the Switch, but I don't expect a huge Switch drop-off because of them. At least not right away. ...

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    Rumour: The Major Switch Title This Holiday Season Could Have "Tyres" In It

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 February 2020

    I'd love to get Mario Kart 9 on Switch, and it would be a big holiday title. But Nintendo probably wants to wait until 2021 or 2022 to release Mario Kart 9 if it comes out on Switch. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best-selling game on Switch. While it likely will continue to sell very well, I don't see it being able to manage 6 million plus per year for the Switch's lifespan. I don't see Mario Kart 8...

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    EA: "There isn't much room for other titles than 1st party on Switch"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 January 2020

    They're the only big (huge in this case) publisher to be so timid with the Switch. Yes, Nintendo games dominate on the Switch. But clearly third-party games are very profitable or easy to port at least considering the many third-party games on Switch. I think it's because EA is so big into online and microtransactions. Nintendo's online infrastructure is insanely outdated, and excluding mobile...

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