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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will No Backwards Compatibility on Switch 2 Influence Your Purchase?


Will you buy it?

I will still get it 54 54.00%
I won't get it 16 16.00%
I'll jump in late in the generation 20 20.00%
I'm not sure 10 10.00%

still day one for me.. i just want 4k graphics and the ability to record gaming longer than 30 sec

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Maybe the title of the OP should be reworked cuz it reads in a way that can mistakenly confirm the next gen Nintendo system not having BC at launch.

Although, I'd be surprised if they do not have BC with their next system, in the end, it is the lineup during it's launch window that determines if I'm gonna get the system early on or later.

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Another question that we have to ask ourselves is what manner of backwards compatibility will it be?
I don't mean physical or not, because it would be very strange to support digital Switch games, but not game cards. Because what other media would you use for physical games on the next platform? Discs wouldn't make sense, and individual games on small SSDs would be insanely expensive.
I hope the BC is like the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 where games are boosted. It would be a missed opportunity to have BC with the Switch and have almost no difference in performance for virtually all the games. It would be nice to play Xenoblade with at least locked 1080p30FPS opposed to 720p dynamic with occasional frame drops.

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It would be a big factor because I never owned a switch and would like to play a few of its exclusives one day.

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It wouldn't be the end of the world for me, I do enjoy collecting.

From a collectors point of view, backwards compatibility would mean more hardware capable of running the current Switch library, so the games that had shorter physical production runs should shoot up in price over time.

From a technical perspective, Nintendo will likely retain their 16:9 aspect ratio, so whatever internal hardware Switch 2 has, Switch 1 software should look fantastic on the new hardware... More so when you consider sub-native resolution on many Switch games that also have dynamic resolution scaling, so games should look -and- run better than on native hardware.

Either way, unless the next console is pure Digital, it will be a day 1 buy... Because even though the WiiU was a massive flop, it was still a solid device and a great Hybrid... And it's what I enjoyed Breath of the Wild on... So if that's Nintendo's low bar, obviously I'll buy everything.

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I'll still get it but wont buy any third party games on it and will just stick with third party purchases on Playstation/Xbox/Steam.

I bought more third party games on Switch than any other Nintendo platform (actually bought more games on Switch than any other nintendo platform lol)

I would definitely wait awhile if it has no backwards compatibility. I mean I think its unthinkable that they wouldn't include backward compatibility. I'm not gonna assume it won't have it cuz some guy said it might be hard for them to do it. It'd be a complete insane business decision to not have it.

If it doesn't though I would probably wait a couple years into its lifespan to get next-gen cuz Switch will definitely last me a few more years. If I can't play Switch games on Switch 2 then won't get Switch 2 until I am done playing through what I want in the Switch library. But again, I don't realistically think it won't have backwards compatibility. I would think at worst they'll have to emulate the Switch on it and maybe it just wouldn't have it at launch, but hopefully they are using the same architecture just obviously updated by like 7 years and backwards compatibility is no problem.

I'd still purchase it, but I feel like in the long run it is a better business move to include it. All of the evergreens on Switch could keep selling for a whole other generation.
Plus it would be nice to play all my Switch games and its successor on one system.


Every portable Nintendo system has been BC since GBA, why would that change?

It wouldn't really affect my purchase decision. Lack of access to older games is my biggest criticism of Nintendo (their disgusting practice of releasing older titles exclusively via subscription on Switch makes it even worse!), but Nintendo and their games aren't must buys for me. I wouldn't get a Switch 2 until a number of interesting games are available and the price is significantly lower. Backwards compatibility isn't going to affect that since I already have a Switch, I'm still able to play those games.

I suppose it would be a factor if my Switch were to break, then the choice between buying a replacement Switch and Switch 2 would be heavily impacted by the availability of backwards compatibility. But that's the only scenario I see it making a difference.