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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will No Backwards Compatibility on Switch 2 Influence Your Purchase?


Will you buy it?

I will still get it 54 54.00%
I won't get it 16 16.00%
I'll jump in late in the generation 20 20.00%
I'm not sure 10 10.00%

I would recognize the lack of backward compatibility as a major failure on the part of Nintendo, and yes, that would mean I likely wouldn’t buy the next console right away unless it had some compelling reason for me to buy it. I want a better Switch, and I think the idea of slashing and burning the old userbase to try and start all over from scratch is a terrible strategy. Doing it after the Switch, when there is no reason to, would make me think Nintendo has become incredibly stupid, and yes, they’d need to sell me on a new console.

But Nintendo is an intelligent company. Around a year ago, Furukawa confirmed the next console will be similar to Switch, a smooth transition, and part of a strategy to build a longterm relationship with existing Switch customers.

So, if Nintendo tells me I can have all my Switch content on improved next generation Switch hardware, and they share the same store library with no missing content……. Instant buy!
Not just an instant buy for me, everyone in my household.

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Id still get it. A new nintendo system with more power is a no brainer because of the exclusive content. However, I highly doubt it won't have backwards compatibility with first party Nintendo games.  They will use a software solution to get games running on Switch 2. The power difference will be immense so it shouldn't be an issue. 3rd party emulators being buggy for pc/steam has no bearing on whether Nvidia can create tools for Nintendo to allow for emulation. Esepecially with the power leap. Im expecting the Switch 2 to dwarf the Steam Deck in terms of plugged in power.

It would be nice to have but not something that will make me choose not to buy it.

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

I have zero reason to buy a new switch system and I do not want to. But the only thing that could make me buy it is if I can transfer all my games from the current system to it and enjoy the few new releases that I want.
There are so many games that I still have not played and I often find more enjoyment in replaying older games that I like than new games.New games I want to buy are less and less common. Actually playing the games I do buy is also less and less common. Currently enjoying games that are over 20 years old the most.

Frankly I'm a bit tired of the whole console generation thing. Imo the advancements have been less noticeable for a while and with some games taken about as long to develop as a whole console cycle, very few games takes full advantage of the technology.
I hope that streaming (or some other yet known tech) soon will make generational leaps unnecessary. I do not think it is fun to invest in new hardware to play new games. But until the tech reach its limit, thats how it is.

I fully expect full backwards compatibility and the Switch library is just stored under a "Switch" tab in the next-gen eshop. I expect NSO games and Switch games to be playable from day 1. Otherwise that would be a pretty big failure by Nintendo because there is no reason to not have every single thing offered on Switch available on the successor. if everything on Switch is available on next-gen it makes it an easy choice for 100+ million upgrades to next gen. It would be the worst business decision they could make to not have everything on the Switch playable on the successor.

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Probably will buy it only in the end of generation. I do not store Hardware, once a new Switch came out I will just throw my old Switch away. If they do not have BC then it means that I will keep my old switch for as long it's functional

If the Switch 2 has backwards compatibility, I'll buy it when a game releases on the system that I want.
If the Switch 2 does not have backwards compatibility, I'll buy it when a game releases on the system that I want.

Backwards compatibility is convenient, but not why I would buy a new system.

If BC, I will get on launch.
If not, I will get it later when the library built up.

Won't affect me. Its the handheld capability is why I love the switch

I'm not sure if a lack of backwards compatibility will affect me getting the next Nintendo system. Switch isn't exactly backwards compatible with Wii U but I still got Switch. The first-party offerings were the big selling points for me, and it may be the same for me with the next system. ^^