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I would recognize the lack of backward compatibility as a major failure on the part of Nintendo, and yes, that would mean I likely wouldn’t buy the next console right away unless it had some compelling reason for me to buy it. I want a better Switch, and I think the idea of slashing and burning the old userbase to try and start all over from scratch is a terrible strategy. Doing it after the Switch, when there is no reason to, would make me think Nintendo has become incredibly stupid, and yes, they’d need to sell me on a new console.

But Nintendo is an intelligent company. Around a year ago, Furukawa confirmed the next console will be similar to Switch, a smooth transition, and part of a strategy to build a longterm relationship with existing Switch customers.

So, if Nintendo tells me I can have all my Switch content on improved next generation Switch hardware, and they share the same store library with no missing content……. Instant buy!
Not just an instant buy for me, everyone in my household.

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