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I have zero reason to buy a new switch system and I do not want to. But the only thing that could make me buy it is if I can transfer all my games from the current system to it and enjoy the few new releases that I want.
There are so many games that I still have not played and I often find more enjoyment in replaying older games that I like than new games.New games I want to buy are less and less common. Actually playing the games I do buy is also less and less common. Currently enjoying games that are over 20 years old the most.

Frankly I'm a bit tired of the whole console generation thing. Imo the advancements have been less noticeable for a while and with some games taken about as long to develop as a whole console cycle, very few games takes full advantage of the technology.
I hope that streaming (or some other yet known tech) soon will make generational leaps unnecessary. I do not think it is fun to invest in new hardware to play new games. But until the tech reach its limit, thats how it is.