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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will No Backwards Compatibility on Switch 2 Influence Your Purchase?


Will you buy it?

I will still get it 54 54.00%
I won't get it 16 16.00%
I'll jump in late in the generation 20 20.00%
I'm not sure 10 10.00%

won't impact my purchase but this day and age be a nice feature to have especially because the console is hybrid and portable



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It won't but also Switch 2 will be backwards compat. I'm not sure why anyone is doubting that when Nintendo is staying with Nvidia

I'd still buy it but I wouldn't be happy about it. I've loved every Nintendo Console except the N64 and even that one was culturally significant. I like what Nintendo has to offer, I like their games, I like their franchises, I like their innovation. I'll continue to support them even if they make some bafflingly stupid moves.

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Imma buy the next Nintendo system no matter what but no backwards compatibility would be a major letdown for me since I'd have to wait years again for the game library to be solid enough to use as my primary system, when I first got the Switch I ended up playing the Wii U more initially since it already had the most major franchises released already like Mario Maker,Smash while the Switch initially didn't have those games yet.
I want to easily transfer all me Switch games to Switch 2.
Another reason why no backwards compatibility would be a huge letdown is because most likely Nintendo would once again depend more on ports and 60$ re-releases to bring Switch games to Switch 2, which I certainly don't want to repurchase again for games I already own on Switch 1.
Hoping Nintendo doesn't fuck this up and prioritizes backwards compatibility on Switch 2.