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It wouldn't be the end of the world for me, I do enjoy collecting.

From a collectors point of view, backwards compatibility would mean more hardware capable of running the current Switch library, so the games that had shorter physical production runs should shoot up in price over time.

From a technical perspective, Nintendo will likely retain their 16:9 aspect ratio, so whatever internal hardware Switch 2 has, Switch 1 software should look fantastic on the new hardware... More so when you consider sub-native resolution on many Switch games that also have dynamic resolution scaling, so games should look -and- run better than on native hardware.

Either way, unless the next console is pure Digital, it will be a day 1 buy... Because even though the WiiU was a massive flop, it was still a solid device and a great Hybrid... And it's what I enjoyed Breath of the Wild on... So if that's Nintendo's low bar, obviously I'll buy everything.

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