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I would definitely wait awhile if it has no backwards compatibility. I mean I think its unthinkable that they wouldn't include backward compatibility. I'm not gonna assume it won't have it cuz some guy said it might be hard for them to do it. It'd be a complete insane business decision to not have it.

If it doesn't though I would probably wait a couple years into its lifespan to get next-gen cuz Switch will definitely last me a few more years. If I can't play Switch games on Switch 2 then won't get Switch 2 until I am done playing through what I want in the Switch library. But again, I don't realistically think it won't have backwards compatibility. I would think at worst they'll have to emulate the Switch on it and maybe it just wouldn't have it at launch, but hopefully they are using the same architecture just obviously updated by like 7 years and backwards compatibility is no problem.