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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game of the Year (So Far)

Veknoid_Outcast said:

Elden Ring, for me, followed by TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.

TMNT is amazing

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The Ascent on PS5 for me

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Was going to say ER, but the more I played of the game, three less I liked it and in the end it was the least favourite From game.

HFW on the other hand I wasn't excited about, but the more I played it, the more I realised it was better than its predecessor at every turn, and in the end turned into my GOTY.

For some reason Diablo Immortal Quickly became my most played release of 2022. The travel to and from work each day goes past faster when slaying demonic monsters on my phone.
I know it gets bashed a lot (and with good reason) but I enjoy it more than Elden Ring. In fact, most evenings in my couch I don't even start my PS5 but simply keep on playing Diablo from my session when traveling back home. Will soon start my third character.

Might be a bit crazy, but for me it is the best game so far 2022.

I have only played 2 games from 2022 and that is Elden Ring and FF Strangers of Paradise.

A close call, but I will have to go with Elden Ring.

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Kirby so far, but I am waiting for Hogwarts Legacy and Bayonetta 3

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The only games I played that released this year were Pokemon Arceus and Elden Ring and I started Kirby. Of these clearly Elden wins.

Xenoblade 3 might have a chance, that I personally like it more than Elden. But... I highly doubt I find the time to play it or even substantial parts of it this year, so it will probably not turn up in my year end top 50.

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Xenoblade chronicles X

But if you ment released this year, probably endwalker ff14

Tunic. I haven't played much from this year.

Elden Ring, by a comfortable margin. The best open world game I've ever played.