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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS Showcase 09/09 - 40 mins of Summer

Wasn't there a rule in place not allowing the OP to be a link only?
Either way, curious to see what they showcase here.

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On that
At last

Show is set for 40 minutes.

Hope we get some good reveals here. More info on GOW would be cool too

I'm glad Sony is condensing their big showcases to 40+ minutes. Could have a tighter, better paced conference, with the same amount of "surprise" reveals you'd get in a 1+ hour event. I hope we don't get any Deathloop or Death Stranding launch trailers though lol. As for early predictions...

(Likely/Very Likely):

GTA E&E gameplay demo
HFW story trailer
GT7 cinematic + gameplay trailer
GoW gameplay demo
Forspoken trailer
Factions + TLOU Remake reveal
Major third party reveal (IE. SF6)
Indie titles

(Less Likely/Surprises)

Hogwarts gameplay + story trailer
Bioshock 4 reveal
Firewalk or Arrowhead new IP
PixelOpus + Sony Pictures Animation collab
Guerrilla Games new IP
Internal IP outsourced (IE. Sly)
Bluepoint acquisition + remake announcement

I'm hoping to see FFXVI again. Been a bit since we've had an update on this one, especially since the game looked like it was rather far along when they revealed it.

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twintail said:

I think this is a pretty logical list. Though I don't see any demos happening. GTA and GoW will just be gameplay trailers I'm sure. GTA doesn't need a gameplay demo, and GoW will get one in an SoP.

That's just my guess, and something I would also prefer to better utilise the 40 mins.

I could see it since we got shorter demos from GT7, Rift Apart & Miles Morales last year. 

Hoping we get updates / surprises of:

New Killzone
New Resistance
PSASBR made in partnership with Capcom
Astrobot Karting

One can hope and dream for some of these -_-

Wow. If they were not showing anticipated updates to first party stuff we have barely seen, or we have not seen at all, they would say so - managing expectations is something they really do great at lately. So I think we can expect quite something - I do think GoW will show up in some capacity. Perhaps something purely cinematic. And I am eager to find out what Blue Points next project is. There could be even updates from pixel opus, polyphony, asobi, london, media molecule. A big dreams-ps5-patch / update would be really cool.

I'll love:

GOW Trailer
Hogwarts Walkthrough
Naughty Dog Multiplayer Game reveal (secretely hoping its not TLOU releated_
Little devil Inside release date
FFXVI trailer
Forsaken gameplay deep dive and release date
GenDesign (The Last Guardian) game reveal

SF 6 & Bioshock 4 Full and timed exclusive respectively
God of War reveal
GT 7
FF 16
Harry Potter
GTA Collection
Horizon Forbidden West
ND MP game reveal
From Software exclusive

Some of my guesses going to be their blowout show since they haven't shown much and they skipped E3. Hopefully more Japanese stuff as well.