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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS Showcase 09/09 - 40 mins of Summer

Hiku said:

I thought this part of Forespoken looked really cool.

Causing a geyser and then freezing it.

Dialogue was a bit cheezy, but the gameplay and world look interesting enough for me to want to see more.

The dialogue was pretty cringe indeed, maybe the rest of the game isn't as bad xD. The other thing was the stiff facial animations which looked quite off.

Other than that it looks quite fun. Traversing the terrain and some of the combat reminds me a bit of Infamous (in a good way), and the isekai element mixed with real world is pretty interesting. And this coming from the FFXV team, who was shooting for a FF more grounded in reality.. this is looking like the game they've been wanting to make.

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Bristow9091 said:
Fei-Hung said:

Project Eve. I miss me some hack and slash and this ticked all the right boxes and looked insane. Was multiplat but now full exclusive.

Where are you getting this from? I don't see anything anywhere online or in the trailer that confirms it's an exclusive... considering it was announced as a multiplatform for PS4, XBO and PC and as far as I can tell nothing has been said other than it's coming to PS5 now.

There are a few articles that speculate it might have some exclusivity even if it's just launch.

There was also a thread in either GAF or ERA speak about it. The CEO buying all the Devs a PS5 for the trailer might even further strengthen the arguement. 

^ The issue with movies it that they have to condense so much of a story into a couple/few hours and longer saga's have to be strategically broken up into more films and a lot of the times to the detriment to them. Then you have creators and writers who take a lot of liberties over the original content - look at Justice League even after Synders Cut. I really cannot think of many faithful comic book movie adaptations that are true to the origins story. And be better off from it.

Like I absolutely hated what Marvel done with Thor Ragnarok (film) where they did Hulk dirty and completely disregarded the Planet Hulk saga, and a lot of the stuff done to the Avengers and story. I mean can understand why they did it, still doesn't make me not raise an eyebrow or two.

For the Spiderman games I thought they did a quite job at adapting Peter Parker's story and Miles Morales stories from Ultimate. And have faith they'll do a great job with Logan and Wolverine. Really excited for a new game from Insomiac as well as - they know how to make their game's fun, and a more mature themed one sounds right up my alley.

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