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^ The issue with movies it that they have to condense so much of a story into a couple/few hours and longer saga's have to be strategically broken up into more films and a lot of the times to the detriment to them. Then you have creators and writers who take a lot of liberties over the original content - look at Justice League even after Synders Cut. I really cannot think of many faithful comic book movie adaptations that are true to the origins story. And be better off from it.

Like I absolutely hated what Marvel done with Thor Ragnarok (film) where they did Hulk dirty and completely disregarded the Planet Hulk saga, and a lot of the stuff done to the Avengers and story. I mean can understand why they did it, still doesn't make me not raise an eyebrow or two.

For the Spiderman games I thought they did a quite job at adapting Peter Parker's story and Miles Morales stories from Ultimate. And have faith they'll do a great job with Logan and Wolverine. Really excited for a new game from Insomiac as well as - they know how to make their game's fun, and a more mature themed one sounds right up my alley.

Last edited by hinch - on 14 September 2021