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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS Showcase 09/09 - 40 mins of Summer

Nautilus said:

The show was redeemed by the end, but good lord, that pacing was horrible.

Did they really had to hold all first party games for the end? They could have spread them out. Watching this show makes me appreciate how Nintendo understands the importance of pacing in their directs.

All they needed to show this show was just:

GT7, Spiderman 2, Woverine, God of War.

2022 is gonna be nuts, starting with HZD

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Was kinda hoping to be blown away by the next big God Of War, but it was more like "You played the last God Of War, well heres more of that..."

Still excited for it though. Not a big superhero guy, but that Wolverine game might be interesting. Probably a long way until release though.

7/10 A pretty good showing, they lost me a little in the middle though.

insomniac was such a top tier purchase tho lol damn

Guardians of the Galaxy didn't do anything for me, everything else looked good to great.

Balrog is not the director anymore!!

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Lol insomniac is the best studio seriously, how the fuck they pump so many amazing games , quantity and quality. wolverine and apiderman 2 after they released 2 games.


Not very well paced but idc those last 10mins were badass

Honestly, feeling a bit underwhelmed, but the format could work.

I guess I'm the only one who was disappointed? I thought the announcements of Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine were really awesome (Insomniac can do no wrong), and I loved seeing the announcement for Project EVE (New IP, I think).

But other than that, nothing exciting or surprising. God of War looks great, but we all knew it would based on how 2018 was. I just wanted a date. Oh, Project Athia looks good, too. I dunno, overall I can't really complain, but I'm not as excited as others seem overall.

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The trailers looked great. Look forward to the Wolverine game, been a long time since we've had a great X-men game, X-men Legends games being the real last I'd say.

Also, incredible intrigued by the game made with Radiohead.

Hmm, pie.