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I'm glad Sony is condensing their big showcases to 40+ minutes. Could have a tighter, better paced conference, with the same amount of "surprise" reveals you'd get in a 1+ hour event. I hope we don't get any Deathloop or Death Stranding launch trailers though lol. As for early predictions...

(Likely/Very Likely):

GTA E&E gameplay demo
HFW story trailer
GT7 cinematic + gameplay trailer
GoW gameplay demo
Forspoken trailer
Factions + TLOU Remake reveal
Major third party reveal (IE. SF6)
Indie titles

(Less Likely/Surprises)

Hogwarts gameplay + story trailer
Bioshock 4 reveal
Firewalk or Arrowhead new IP
PixelOpus + Sony Pictures Animation collab
Guerrilla Games new IP
Internal IP outsourced (IE. Sly)
Bluepoint acquisition + remake announcement