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Forums - Sony Discussion - HOT: "Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut" for PS5/PS4 in August!!

Great, I held off on GoT to play of PS5, thanks to the PS5 shortage I'll be playing the director's cut all fresh. I'll be starting over with Tlou2 though, been too long by now. I stopped halfway to finish on PS5 but now I can't remember where I was anymore. PS5 still not available here (without checking twitters and whatnot)

Starting a new console generation with a huge backlog lol. Games are piling up.

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It's a given the same will happen with TLoU2 too.

So I've been reading about it now.

And as I understand, as a physical copy owner I get no right to upgrade it.

On top of that, even if I was a digital owner as I don't own a PS5 I would need to upgrade my original to director's cut and then to the PS5 version, paying both times.

This is completely absurd, what a hot piece of shit move. They should be ashamed to try to pull this. And after the Legends situation was treated as a completely opposite nice guy move...

Love that game but won't be a part of this shit.

Fuck you too, Sony.

EDIT: seems like I can actually buy the director's cut upgrade even owning the game physically.

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Even SE gives you a free upgrade for FFVII.

This is Scummy from Sony.

But this game biased a lot of users, and it seems they will pay happily for the upgrade.

SE? Even EA gave away free upgrades of games... E fucking A.

Even ID under Bethesda, now a MS first party is giving away a free doom eternal upgrade.

Pretty horrendous.

They have time to change their policies though, if enough people make enough noise. More signs arrogant Sony is back.

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I can't wait this game is fantastic.

PC/Switch Lite player

Got my copy pre-ordered...kinda. I did the Expansion pre-order to my digital version/copy, and will do the Ps5 version of the Director's cut when it comes out (I can't seem to get it now).

I do think the way they're doing this is weird as hell and more confusing than it needs to be, but I really don't think the price is at all a problem. A reality I've been expressing since the beginning of this generation. I just don't see the hike in price for Ps5 games is a problem. Like, at all. I DO have a problem with recurrent user spending and all that shit, but not a standardized price hike for newer content and material. Again, I do think the weird 'if you have it on Ps4, you gotta pay for the expansion AND the Upgrade' shit is weird and confusing, but I'm happy to pay it, especially for a game as good as this. I only played a few hours before this news came out and holy hell, it was a fun, well-crafted game! Happy to toss some dollaroons to Sucker Punch.

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Is it true you can't upgrade if you have a physical copy?

IcaroRibeiro said:

Is it true you can't upgrade if you have a physical copy?

Where did you hear that? It's not true at all...

Bristow9091 said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Is it true you can't upgrade if you have a physical copy?

Where did you hear that? It's not true at all...

Thank you, I got a physical copy and never used it. If it was true I couldn't upgrade I was going to try to resell it and buy digitally and just then upgrade