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EricHiggin said:

Some are underestimating the quality, value, and momentum of PS and it's first party. Entitlement doesn't and shouldn't mean gimme gimme always gets because that eventually leads to a severe case of disappointment.

So you're saying SNY should have charged $30 for the PS4 version as well and just said, 'you get a free PS5 upgrade with it, and for those who don't want to pay for that, you're stuck paying $30 regardless'? At least this way a PS4 copy can only be $20 and you can save $10 by not buying the PS5 upgrade.

Perhaps SNY should have just offered the $499 PS5 model and that's it? Aren't more options a good thing? MS seems to think so when it comes to XB. I wonder how free Infinite MP will end up over its lifetime? Must be entirely free, start to finish, or that would be 'anti-consumer' wouldn't it? 

I'd guess if SNY were to do it again, they'd charge $20 for the Legends DLC, assuming it had to be first, then give the expansion away free afterwards. That likely would have gone over smoother. Best option probably would have been to have the DLC ready when Legends was, charge the same way as they are now, then have Legends launching soon for free.

People are going to complain regardless. Hopefully this doesn't put SP and SNY off from offering extra's down the road. A game as great and worthy as GOT totally deserves the extra treatment its getting.

How many people are going to the trouble today, of finding a PS5, paying for its 'oh so cheap price', any extra hardware accessories, games, some being $70 first party, then sitting back and thinking, $10 extra for the GOT PS5 upgrade is a total deal breaker, screw PS5? I'd have to guess, very, very few.

EA, Ubi, Acti, are all terrible examples of 'consumer friendly' companies. Notice how most of the big companies that are starting to give content away, are who have been taking every dime they can get for the last decade and now have to pay the piper? That or they screwed up big time like MS with XB1 and are now trying to build their brands back up with free content. 

Hopefully SNY doesn't just decide to make whatever title they can by a reasonable deadline and stop with extra's entirely. Whatever doesn't make the final deadline, scrap it and move on. Enough 'gimme gimme' complaints will likely lead to that.

I don't think anyone is doubting that it will sell, literally the same as Nintendo selling Skyward Sword HD for $60 and making Mario All Stars Collection a limited run release. People being annoyed is simply an expressing of personal displeassure at the dea/practice  being offered, its not them saying something is going to flop.

As for the value proposition itself. locking Japanese lip sync behind the PS5 version is kinda weird, japanese and english lipsync has been part and parcel of big Japanese games for a while (FF), I get that this is not an actually Japanese developed game but the point is that its not some next gen feature people expect to pay for. As far as the rest of the value of the PS5 version we have to see more but it currently looks like the same PS4 game with very minor tweaks and in no way different from any other cross gen game we've seen with free upgrades like Final Fantasy VIIR, Doom, No Mans Sky amongst many others all featuring new lighting, textures, environment density etc. If there were major differences I'm sure the trailer would of highlighted them but it pin points resolution/fps only.

The actual gameplay contents of the  DLC may be amazing... It may be worth $40, in which case charge $40. Again the distaste is regarding the next gen upgrade which looks in line with what people have been receiving for free.

As far your last argument conflating unfinished games with people asking for free upgrades, there's no correlation so I wouldn't worry about it. Sony has literally delayed almost every major release of the last decade to deliver that extra polish. They didn't increase the price per delay, they also understand the reason for the delay is to ensure that quality that has made their 1st party titles such mega hits as of late. Across the board upgrades and PS5 SKUs lead to increased sales of older games. Crash re-entered the charts based on PS5 version dispite their being a free upgrade. So its not like there isn't financial incentive deliver these extras and be the same company that garnered so much respect during the PS4 era.

This is really only a cross gen pricing topic which will be short lived. With the next cross-gen games on the way (Horizon. GOW, GT), the generational leap will at least be large enough that many who are complaining now won't have issue as they will be looking at actual games built around PS5 hardware.

Last edited by Otter - on 05 July 2021