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Runa216 said:

Got my copy pre-ordered...kinda. I did the Expansion pre-order to my digital version/copy, and will do the Ps5 version of the Director's cut when it comes out (I can't seem to get it now).

I do think the way they're doing this is weird as hell and more confusing than it needs to be, but I really don't think the price is at all a problem. A reality I've been expressing since the beginning of this generation. I just don't see the hike in price for Ps5 games is a problem. Like, at all. I DO have a problem with recurrent user spending and all that shit, but not a standardized price hike for newer content and material. Again, I do think the weird 'if you have it on Ps4, you gotta pay for the expansion AND the Upgrade' shit is weird and confusing, but I'm happy to pay it, especially for a game as good as this. I only played a few hours before this news came out and holy hell, it was a fun, well-crafted game! Happy to toss some dollaroons to Sucker Punch.

It's a typical case of give them one finger (BC) an they want the whole hand. If you like the game enough to want to play it again, why have a problem in supporting the dev a bit more.

It is indeed confusing although Eurogamer laid it out quite easy to understand in their clickbait ariticle

If you want the PS4 upgrade from the OG Ghost of Tsushima to the Director's Cut, that costs £15.99. That's the PS4 to PS4 upgrade.

If you already own Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, you can upgrade to Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5 for £24.99. That's the PS4 to PS5 upgrade.

But what if you already own Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS4, and you want to upgrade to Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5, perhaps down the line when you manage to buy one of the hard-to-get consoles? That'll cost you £9.

So they charge 9 pounds for extra features, those that required work, and you get the choice whether you want to spend the extra 9 pounds or not or later. Compared to last gen where your only option was to double dip on a directors cut or a remastered version, doesn't seem so bad. And you can always just play the base version through BC or 'gasp' on the ps4 that the game was made and bought for. If you don't like the game enough to spend more on it, then don't.

Anyway I'll be ordering the director's cut physical edition when it becomes available, add it to my ps5 backlog lol. Still not available. Need more outrage so ps5 consoles might actually reach a shelf some time!