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Forums - Website Topics - How do you like the new look and functionality of VGChartz?


How do you like the new look and functionality of VGChartz?

It's notably better than before 98 11.06%
It's slightly better than before 237 26.75%
It's about the same as before 80 9.03%
It's slightly worse than before 192 21.67%
It's notably worse than before 257 29.01%
Didn't even notice a change 22 2.48%

This past Saturday VGChartz launched a major site update. Simple question: Is it better or worse than before?


Bonus question: What's your most desired functionality that is still missing?

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The moderator thread or the option to call someone a troll when that person is trolling

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Love it. My favorite feature is that now I can actually choose consoles older than the N64 to filter games in my collection. The site loads slower for me, but its not that bad.

As long as the site needs a minute or more to load, I am not really noticing any impact of the changes on my life. I hope the issue is soon fixed, so that I can actually notice all the changes.

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I might like. I don't really know yet.

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I could do without the avatars for the forum index and the big flags for the hardware regions on the home page, there's some good stuff some not-so-good stuff, overal about the same. Doesn't really matter to me either way though. The site is however noticeably slower.

I love the new stuff theory! I say in theory because it's proven very impractical to try and take advantage of them. Let me put it this way: it took me over five minutes this morning to get from typing "" into the URL to this page typing out this reply and it's the only thing I clicked on in the interim and I'm using high-end cable internet access on my home computer. And it will probably take over a minute for it actually post after I click on the "Post Quick Reply" button, giving entirely new meaning to the term "quick". The load times I'm experiencing feel like a reversion back to dial-up internet access. Something's got to be done about that. Seriously, this is really bad here on my end. I don't know if others are experiencing comparable difficulties with site access, but for me this has become a royal pain in the ass since the update.

The only new feature I noticed is dark mode and I'm thankful for it.

Still waiting for the removal of hot topics as my most requested feature.

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I'm also sporting the dark theme, shame it isn't on by default.

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Worse than before.I don't like that the thing you are mousing over in the buddy/profile drop down box is no longer underlined. Doesn't confirm that you're actually about to click on it anymore. It's a minor thing, but it's kind of annoying. I assumed that was remove because now clicking the whole box would take you to the thread, rather than just on the words, but that's not the case, so... why is it gone?

The front page also looks ugly. Everything's too big and there are way too many pictures.As for functionality I'd like, how about accurate time stamps? I live in one of the countries that doesn't stupidly change the clocks every 6 months, but VGC still changes them anyway, so for half the year all of the time stamps are wrong.

I'd also really like thread bets to be removeable/replaceable. Would love to do more bets in the football thread but the current expired one seems to be permanently stuck there.

Edit: I'd also like post formatting to work. Had to edit this post to re-add the paragraphs. Why did VGC turn it into a wall of text when I didn't write it like that?

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