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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What are your _____ threads

WRUR0 - Your threads that never were (inspired from JEMC)

WRUR1 - What are your 100+ threads? (inspired by VGC Ecosystem)

WRUR2 - What are your dud threads?

WRUR3 - What are your NX threads? (inspired by NX threads)

WRUR4 - Your threads that never caught on (inspired by WRUR2)

WRUR5 - What is your gaming history? (inspired by Your gaming history)

WRUR6 - What was your first post/thread? (inspired by The Zombie Thread)

WRUR7 - What was your first avatar? (inspired by Favorite Avatar)

WRUR8 - What is your saltiest moderation? (inspired by Who has never been moderated?)

WRUR9 - What will your last post be? (inspired by This place is getting deserted, and we have to do something about it)

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