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Forums - General Discussion - What was your first avatar?


After your first post, you must have noticed the nice avatars the replying members had.
Your first choice most likely isn't your favourite or you might even be sporting it still.

What made you switch from the default icon to a more personal one?



To find the first avatar just search your username in the VGC avatar catalogue and look for IT the lowest numbered file.

(Let's hit the VGC server hard with these avatar queries)

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I switched because I had it long enough, I guess.

Then I had these:

Christmas version

And then my current one:

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Wow, it seems like an eternity since I made this.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Hm, I was expecting it to be Halo xD

I don't think my first avatar is on the list. It was Kim Possible fighting with Shego because I am on this site to fight.

My current avatar is in the same spirit, only that now it is a victory pose because I've knocked out pretty much everyone by now.

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Well, they're definitely not numbered chronologically.

I'm pretty sure these were my first 4, but I have no idea in which order:

(I recently re-used the last one.)

On my previous account:

On my current account:

current Avatar at the time of posting:

(resized to fit the 500kb rule, original is in 3568 by 3804 pixel)

OG Tito. You can make your own from:

But my favourite avatar is my custom improved first. Maybe some of you remember it ???

Then a few years back I decided to play with my nickname and start using tomato avatars:

Lots of tomatoes in the internet

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You say tomato, I say tomato 

"¡Viva la Ñ!"

It was this  I was told to replace it a while back because it was deemed NSFW(seriously a woman in a bikini being NSFW will always be lmao worthy to me) yet there were members with guys in fanny packs bulging at the screen that was deemed ok  

also, there are quite a few pics its showing I had as avatars that I know for a fact I never had...

I don't remember if I ever had one before this one. I don't even show up on the avatars list?

Found it: 9369955ccc.png

Is that some pre-date to avatars being listed under the name of the user?

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