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Legend11 said:
Horrible idea... May as well just change the website name to NeoGAF if we're going to add tags like these

On other websites there's a common practice of giving "tags" for regular forum members. Some of the tags seem to be complimentary, others more descriptive and some are derogatory. My perception is that they add some depth to the community. I don't think VGChartz is going to have tags but I was musing on what some of them might be if they did exist, i.e.:

stof - Prays at the altar of Monty Python (successfully!)

Soriku - Will perform sexual favours for KH3 NAO!

Acevil - "Ignore option would be nice for anyone who thinks ps3 is undertracked."

antfromtashkent - "Im a PS3 supporter btw so trust me im not bashing on Ninny "

ArtofAngels - Funniest porn-hating bastard on all of VGChartz.


axumblade - "Gears of War is my favorite casual game."

bdbdbd - "Oh boy, every videogamers fantasy; a female that looks like Shiggy."

BengaBenga - "For !?~$'s sake, complain about a game after you've played it!"

Benkenobi88 - "Ask me about being Benkenobi'd"

Blacksaber - "We are Chart lovers not Graph lovers!"

blazinhead89 - "When the PS3 gets to 299 euro it will destroy the 360."

bigjon - "Did you even read it? Nevermind understand it. I can't ask too much."

Bodhesatva - Raids while posting

BrainBoxLtd - "I've already stated my disdain for majority of the "gaming media"."

brute - "reviews only matter for the real hardcore gamer"

Bursche - "Most guys need to get their ass kicked to lower their ego a little."

CaptainPrefrences - "I create these threads because its off topic discussion"

carlos710 - Capitán Primero: Nintendo Defense Force

celine - Like a Yamauchi pimp slap delivered by Il Maelstrom; serving it up with style.

ChronotriggerJM - "I always play as girl characters >_>"

ClaudeLv250 - "No trolling on my watch!"

colonelstubbs - "Suck my balls!"

Commando - "Daisy > Rosalina > Peach > Pauline and Samus > Zelda > Daisy"

Cougarman - Sexier than Clive Owen's red-headed cousin.

Crazzyman - "Just continue to stay in denial, that makes Fun. =]"

ctk495 - "lol I think I am popular on this site. I made a nonsense thread and it gets 97 replies"

c03n3nj0 - If I'm posting in this thread then it's probably a spam thread.

d21lewis - Best.thread.ever, "WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS!?" I'll PM you the pics.

DarkNight_DS - "They just payed me 30$ for that poop! 30$ frickin dollars for a poop!"

diamuerto - "I've never played the game, but the ending was great."

DMeisterJ - A Real Gamer's Gamer.

Dodece - "Nintendomination is so overrated"

Dolla Dolla - "I have tasted Obi-Wan's bitter tears"

dtewi - In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra.

ecurbj - Multiple - Personality - Disorder

El Duderino - Dude, I like your style.

elgefe02 - Ravin' Rabbid, Daaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Erik Aston - "I think it was my fate to believe in free will."

Explosivo - Nintendo's Björn Borg

Falcon095 - "Heaven is like a Nintendo theme park!"

Faxanadu - "While taking a piss this morning I had a similar feeling."

fazz - "Brawl is better than sex."

Final-Fan - "Please feel free -- nay, I encourage you -- to offer rebuttal."

FishyJoe - The numbers aren't Fishy

FJ-Warez - "Since you can´t understand ... there is no point in taking you seriously."

flames_of - "I think you're confusing Bush with Chuck Norris."

Flow -"The important is to pwn other ppl "

Gamerace - Nintendo Viral Marketer

gebx - Predicted the Wii would not pass the Xbox360 in 2007

Girl Gamer Elite - "I like to shave my cat"

Gballzack - BANNED (again)

Gnizmo - "Pachter got one thing right, and I bet he got it right for the wrong reasons."

GooseGaws - <--- Has better taste in games than you.

Grey Acumen - Drier than a Nun's Nasty!

Griffin - "Killzone2 NOW Beeyatchs!"

halogamer1989 - Yes sir. No sir. Three bags full sir.

HappySquirrel - Gives daaaaaamn good post

Hawk - Reluctant Dark Messiah

highwaystar101  - "Animal Crossing has some major child labour overtones."

11ht11 - RESIDENT FUCKIN' EVIL CHINGASOS!!! <3 Milla Jojovich!

iclim4 - "The Friends Thread changed my life!" (Pervert Alert!)

ItsaMii - NAMCO Defense Force

ioi - "Todd Hamilton was robbed"

IvoYarido - "I just realized this has kept me amused for hours.... and I have no clue why...."

Jessman - Disturbed by the mangina

JohnLucas - Resident Wii Oracle

kasillas88 - Puppy Pounder

kazadoom - 2 Timothy 3:1

kber81 - "I would rather pull Gballzack's hair"

kenzomatic - "Do your best not to insult me on the way out."

kirby007 - "I think people should define the word crap"

konnichiwaa - "I love you Soriku :)."

Kratos - "Anyone met this douchebag that calls everyone bitches when playing Halo 3!?"

legend11 - "May as well just change the website name to NeoGAF"

leo_j - "The ps1 game is better than all my ps3 games put together"

lightbleeder - "I like boobies"

LISMDK - Extremely bad taste in music

lolita  -  O_O   >_<   n_n   O_o   ^_^   T_T   =°_°=   >_>   >:)   :P   XD   :)   =/   :3   <3

luinil - "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

madskillz - A well-oiled phrase turning machine

makingmusic476 - Swampy Symphony of Masterful Melodeath

MANUELF - "Wii es toda la diversión en esta generación"

marciosmg -"I dont want to start a debate, but I find what you say rather strange."

MaxwellGT2000 - "Does the amount of times you beat it count towards how hardcore you are?"

mesoteto - "OMG !!!!!!! CATZ !!!!!!!"

MikeB - Cell's answer to GlaDOS

MontanaHatchet - He's a Lumberjack, and he's O.K.

Munkeh111 - Most anticipated title, GTAV: Wigan, Lancashire

naznatips - "OBJECTION!!!"

Neos - "If I'm posting in this thread it's just for the lulz."

nintendo_fanboy - "Why is Kwaad unbanned again?"

NJ5 - Serving logic where it's needed

NNN2004 - "this is gamers place not doctors leo-j."

noname2200 - Would you guys prefer that I be less verbose? I feel bad when I see that my posts take up half the page,
                      while the rest of you guys make your points much more quickly.

O-D-C - "That big one has more boobies then a... something with a lot of boobies."

OkeyDokey - "Stop being so lame and go get pissed outta your frickin' mind already."

Onymeth - Became a freaking mod and a douche, coincidentally, at the same time.

- Progressive

outlawauron - "Somebody call Diomedes! PS3 was undertracked! LOL"

Oyvoyvoyv - "We need to stop calling people fanboys!"

Parokki - "Real Finns surf 4chan"

PDF - The Devil's Avocado

pichu_pichu - A small ground-dwelling rodent

Phrancheyez - The story of a super-intelligent dog and a monster, I thought it was a fairy tail.

PS360ForTheWin - "Yes i know im a nerd deal with it."

psrock - "i got the PS3 for porn, then i realize i can play games with it too."

PS-She - "Is it really so hard for you to not be a jerk?"

quarashi - Mr. Pillowpants, Hobbies: Gaming & Drinking (not in that order)

Rainbird - "More space doesn't mean more quality; when you have qualified developers it can be expected ;)"

Riachu - "Empathizing with a game's characters is nothing to be ashamed of."

rocketpig - "Next thing I know, I wake up with a black man humping my ass and calling me 'Maria'."

Riot Of The Blood - "I have the best grammar out of the PS3 fans."

Rock_on_2008 - "PS3 is the future of gaming. Wii and 360 are holding the game industry back..."

RoomForOneMore - "Time to let loose the bottom hatch"

Rath - "A tall skinny blonde Kiwi man who is willing to give it a go."

routsounmanman - "Συμπάθησα πραγματικά τον κόκκινο χάλυβα."

sc94597 - "People do not search love in google images. And for some reason safe search was off."

Shameless - Messiah Complex or merely delusional?

SHMUPGurus - Sensei of the SHMUP - 9th Dan

Skeeuk - "the power of the cell makes Mount Etna, look like a pot noodle gone wrong!"

Sky Render - VGChartz own disruptor, because sanity is for the weak.

Smeags - Can I also be called Casual-Core?

SmokedHostage - "I'm not a joke account, believe it or not."

spdk1 - El Chupacabra RPG. Make it happen!

Sqrl - "If the numbers don't add up READ THE DAMN SIG"

Sri Lumpa - Looking for a girl like Jenna Haze

ssj12 - "PC is godlike compared to the other consoles"

starcraft - Playing Games = FUN, Talking about Games = SERIOUS

steven787 - Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish.

Stillwell - {Total Noobsauce}

Strategyking92 - "Lord, when you created humanity, did you know sony fanboys would piss me off?"

superchunk - "I'll Rochambeau you for it"

super_etecoon - "Ok... this is not going to end well."

supermario128 - "Of course the video game business is growing, thanks to Nintendo."

Squilliam - "I'm reaching the conclusion that I don't trust people."

tabsina - "I can't believe i logged on for this."

taomaster06 - "I will pwn you with Ness' back-kick in the air!"

tastyshovelware - "Me against the world is exhausting."

Tavin - "Old school megaman is THE BEST megaman"

Thatmax - kat + drugz = lulz

The Ghost of RubangB - He kissed her then and there, she took his ring

thekitchensink - "Why do most of the PS3 fanboys have avatars that looks totally pissed?"

TheSource - He knows what he's talking about, usually

Tifa Lockhart - "A standing Wii looks atrocious"

T013 - "I think the human race as a whole is an abomination"

tokilamockingbrd - "Ignore my post count"

TomaTito - "¡Viva la Ñ!"

tombi123 - "doesn't anyone understand the word IF anymore?"

totalwar23 - "Is it just me or is it the newbies who are always posting threads like these"

trestres - "I wouldn't trust gamespot, even if it was a live comparison."

TruckOSaurus - "Come on! Giant douche is so much better!"

twesterm - SIG TRAP! SIG TRAP!

TWRoO - Sexually deprived (PM for shag)

Vaio - "Bury me at Milanello"

vlad321 - "Yet again I completely fail to see your point..."

Weezy - "Everything is better with boobies"

wiiforever - Mistook the F5 key for his googlies and went blind

Words of Wisdom - Esoteric Wisdom Coming Your Way

__XBrawlX__ - Forum Cop and Nintendo Nerd

Xen - "When people take SDF seriously... flames ensue."

Xiru - "I still believe the Wii is competing with PS2, since they are basically the same technology."

xstonexcold316x - Ask him to show you the Fireman's Carry (really!)

yungmagic09 - "I started playing SMB and Sonic, and ever since I've been a true gamer."

zackblue - He's a nice guy once you get to know him

zenfolderVGI - "Quite the homophobic biggot when the time comes."

Zucas  - Squishing Emo maggot-fanboys is his specialty.

RolStoppable - Don't trust people with Kim Possible avatars!

RolStoppable - "The Wii and DS are my life. I would take a bullet for Nintendo."


If the "tag" feature was implemented there's a lot of people that have enough post history for some interesting tags.

UPDATE: Only users with 2000 posts will be put in queue for a TAG. The only exception to this rule must be approved by RolStoppable. Exceptions must provide links to TAG worth material.

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Diomedes: "ioi undertracks the PS3 on purpose/the PS3 numbers are so wrong"

BTW I dont know if the Sorikus tag is ok with the site... and Soriku's age (Last time I checked he was 13)

By me:

Made with Blender + LuxRender
"Since you can´t understand ... there is no point to taking you seriously."

Soriku has you all tricked!

He's a man-woman in his mid 30's

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



LOL man-woman,

Is he only 13? He must be the youngest here.

RolStoppable said:

Excellent thread.

What would be your tag? "I blame Wii Fit"?

naznatips: "Objection!"

Dolla Dolla: "Don't kill the baby seals"

Bodhesatva: "Sign up for your personal love letter"

 I can't give myself a tag. That's definitely a rule. For the others I would go with:

naznatips - "Advocate for OBJECTIONable video games

Dolla Dolla - "I have tasted Obi-Wan's bitter tears"

Bodhesatva - "Raids while posting

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weezy said:
Soriku has you all tricked!

He's a man-woman in his mid 30's

Thats a real posibility, but this is the web, so who knows...


Hus: "Delusional fanboy"

CrazzyMan: PS3 domination starts with MGS4,FFXIIILBP,KZ2,DM4...."


Somehow I can remember just the Sony fans...

By me:

Made with Blender + LuxRender
"Since you can´t understand ... there is no point to taking you seriously."

I have no idea what my tag would be, cool idea though.

weezy said:
Soriku has you all tricked!

He's a man-woman in his mid 30's


Yeah, this is his picture

SSBB FC: 5155 2671 4071 elgefe02: "VGChartz's Resident Raving Rabbit"   MKWii:5155-3729-0989

Let's see...

Weezy - "Everything is better with boobies"

ArtofAngels - "PORNSTAR (Loves his guys tubby!')"

FJ-Warez - "Part-time pedobear hunter"

Pretty sure this is Soriku: