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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Porn Stars Love Video Games!

Jenna Haze

GD: Do you find nerds attractive?

Jenna: [Looks offended] Do I like nerds? I am a nerd. I have shelves full of books at home about vampires and werewolves. And I always have my PSP with me. Right now I'm playing Jeanne D'Arc, which is just awesome. Also, I've got a PS3 and I'm dying for the new Final Fantasy to come out. See? I told you I was a total nerd.

GD: I think I am in love.

Jenna: That's understandable.

Source: GameDaily

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Gaming journalism at its best

GD: I think I am in love.


Flow -"The important is to pwn other ppl"

Lol, some of those are so funny:

Ashlynn Brooke

GD: If you could cuddle with one video game character, who would it be and why?
Ashlynn: [Thinks for a moment] Ratchet and Clank.
GD: I said one video game character. That's two.
Ashlynn: But they go together. And I'd want them at the same time.

Charlie Laine

GD: If you could cuddle up with a video game character, who would it be and why?
Charlie: Mario probably.
GD: Mario? But he's fat.
Charlie: I love the overalls!
GD: So it's the denim overalls that do it for you?
Charlie: It's the whole plumber thing. I love plumbers.

Nothing beats this one

Mayae Gates

GD: Do you like video games?
Mayae: My English not so good. So talk slow, OK? [Smiles]
GD: Do you like video game? You know, Pac-man, Mario, Master Chief?
Mayae: [Shrugs] I am not understanding.
GD: OK. Good luck to you.

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yes. we porn stars do like to partake in videogames every now and then.

GD: Do you find it annoying if a man plays video games while you are around?
Jasmine: No, not at all. I love games.
GD: So, if you saw a man playing video games, you would cheer him on?
Jasmine: Oh, definitely.
GD: What would you say to him?
Jasmine: Go! Go! Get the high score! Do it for me!
GD: Can you say that one more time?
Jasmine: Go! Go! Get the high score! Do it for me! [Laughs]
GD: Thank you for making my day.
Jasmine: That's what I'm here for.

Where is a girl like this when i play guitar hero at that sony store? oh boy...

Flow -"The important is to pwn other ppl"

Old interview with Asia Carrera:

L4ZiE: What is more addictive, sex, or multiplayer UT?

Asia: I'm embarrassed to say that I spend more of my day looking forward to unwinding with a good frag than anything else. My night's not complete until I've gotten my fix of at least a couple rounds of UT, and after that... well, THEN I can start looking forward to 'other' bedtime activities... LOL!

I read that earlier.. good read :P

It reminded me of this video this porn star getting interviewed.

That guy knows shit about video games XD

Did you by any chance find this story while checking out if Roll's Resident Evel story was on Gamedaily like me?

As for Jenna haze and Asia Carrera, we need more girls like that (Pornstars or not).

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