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Today is a dark day in the history of VGChartz.

People say something is never appreciated until it's gone. That's a proverb that will haunt the waking moments of every member of VGChartz in the future.

I am a member of every gaming forum that has turned successful. Is this just a coincidence? I think not. I have tried to make the users of this forum open their eyes to my way of thinking - the right way of thinking, but, alas, I have failed. I have come to realise that this forum will never change and, when this forum drops into squalor and failure, you will remember my name as the one that could have saved you. I am like Jesus and you are my disciples; I am trying to make a better world. But you've all turned out to be Judases. Every single one of you.

I have one final thing to say to you all. I don't expect you to listen to it after you have failed me, but I will say it anyway in vain hope. Nobody notices or cares what the sheep of the majority say. The people that go against the grain and speak out, even under great oppression, will be the ones to truly change things. I am the modern day Martin Luther King. This forum could have been great; instead it's doomed to fail because I am leaving. People may say I'm egotistical, but it's hard not to be when you are as intelligent and downright awe inspiring as myself.

If you feel the need to repent, please print out this photograph. You are free to create a shrine, keep it under your pillow, in your wallet, however you feel comfortable.

It's a great shame that I have to say this, but this forum is dead to me. If I have managed to convert any of you to my correct way of thinking, feel free to continue my work. But I will not be coming back. Ever.

This is Shameless, signing off for good.