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Forums - Website Topics - I think a serious spammer is targeting the site!! (Not Soriku lol)

A user named Solidar was perma banned by ssj12 for trolling. (And Rightly So!) I think he may be a spammer from another video game site I know (I won't say the name unless a mod wants it). The spammer was called Soldier. As you can see, the names are very similar, I I don't want another epidemic like the other site had.

The other site was much smaller then vgchartz, and was just coming under new management (Creating banning problems). This Solider guy shows up, Spamming, cursing, and pissing evryone off. Usually there were almost no forum activity on that site due to him. He targets video game sitesas far as I could see.

ssj12 said that Solidar plans on making multiple accounts...that's exactly what Solider did on the other site. He impersonated the main Moderator, and various others.

This site seems to deal with these things much better, but I thought that I better let evryone know who this guy might be! If he really is solider, look out...he won't take kindly to being banned! If he's not, Soryy for wasting evryones time.

Here's his account





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He just made a new account: solidarV




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Excuse me, but I am not from any website bud or have anything to do with what you are talking about.

well hes starting get on my nerves because he has made like 3 diffrent threads saying the same thing...its just annoying...anyway what exactly happened?



time for IP ban!

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Kay if your not solider, but you still made another account after a perma ban. It's against the rules.

(Still think that you are, sorry)




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I'm very confident in our mods ability to handle this. If things start to get out of hand, I will do my part and report him. I sure the rest of our community will help out as well.

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Everyone be on the lookout

I have done nothing wrong, ssj12 is abusing his power and I will let ioi know about it.

The guy's actually been here for a long time and banned before, and he never flooded the board with spam accounts.

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