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    < chocoloco posted something on kingofwale's wall:

    About time people get banned for bashing America, just because they are the only world power. Machina is a just Mod.

    edit: super power

    on 13 November 2011

    i wasn't bashing the US per say... I just really dislike people who take US numbers as if it represents the world.

    it's just sad that tons of comments claiming how we need to take out Japanese number with it comes to console comparison goes unpunished. Whatever, it's over and it's good to be back

    on 18 November 2011

    Did not know you were banned. I would give you a link to my banned(almost) thread but I am on my phone. We had a lot of people dissapear all at once this passed week!

    on 18 November 2011

    Cool, Americans take the most shit on here though and I can see why. Still it gets annoying and I get defensive of course I never report anyone. Yeah, if people don't visit this site most Americans would think the 360 dominates everywhere because the country is so huge and it also dominates in Canada. Americans without contact to many other countries are used to thinking that everything must be like the US. Poor way to see things, but it happens a lot.

    on 21 November 2011

    < Korppi posted something on kingofwale's wall:

    There's not really much point in including a link to the offending post if all the offender's posts are removed.

    They should only be "hidden", in the same way as low-rated YouTube comments.

    < spurgeonryan posted something on kingofwale's wall:

    Whats going on? You gonna pick up a Vita?

    < skeezer posted something on kingofwale's wall:

    3 years later and you are still one of my favorite posters on the site.

    < Mr.Metralha posted something on kingofwale's wall:

    dude calm down on the trolling, maybe I'm more excited about psp2 than you, so stop putting a negative vibe whenever you quote, thats childish, stupid, retarded and annoying.

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    Write 58

    What Will Happen When Earth Becomes Overpopulated?

    in General Discussion on 24 November 2011

    Laurel Aitken said:I doubt Mass extinction, as mass extinctions take millions of years. Maybe, just when resources get scarce, we'll have a flat or a negative rate of popultaion growth. tell that to the dinos around 65 million ago. when majority of the world population was wiped out in matter of hours....

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    Anyone else think Reggie should go?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 November 2011

    I think he should stay, he's merely a spokeperson who is out there fighting. if someone should go. where is that super annoying lady working for Nintendo conference in E3? God she was aweful...

    Write 36

    Is this finally real proof of Ghosts?

    in General Discussion on 11 November 2011

    LMAOOOOO sorry, I was going to say something clever, but it would just be wasted on this thread. ;) now, what are we finding next? Big foot?...


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