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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendomination at an end?

The hardware sales are out for all regions, and what a remarkable week it has been for hardware. Surprises abound, and every region has a story to tell uniquely its own. Sony beats the competition in the other regions. Microsoft lays a minor beating on Nintendo in North America. Nintendo has slid into mediocrity in Japan. Perhaps the most interesting fact is that perhaps Nintendomination has come to an end.

Month after month Nintendo has easily dominated the competition in all the markets. Sometimes outselling their rivals by multiples. Sometimes two, three, or even four to one. However this week its not the case even though Nintendo still won. They did so by the smallest margin. The Xbox 360 is within fifteen thousand units of the champion. The PS3 is only sixty thousand units off the reigning champ. Obviously Microsoft is the likely contender at this moment, but the PS3 is starting to show some strength in Japan. So the whole owning that market just might be in doubt. 

What does everyone think is Nintendomination over, or are their two rivals hitting them with a well timed attack that only makes it appear so. Frankly I hope we see a good fist fight this holiday season between Microsoft and Nintendo. Not sure Sony can get into the tussle in a meaningful way when it comes to dominance. However Sony could be a spoiler for Nintendo especially in Japan. What do you guys think are this weeks charts sending us a message? 

Charts for quick reference in this supremely dugg site.


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I hate to be the one to say this, but the PS3 sales boost in Others won't last for long. If Sony can't sell in America, and Microsoft can't sell in Japan, Nintendomination will continue.



X360: Halo 3 launched a couple of weeks ago
PS3: New SKU in Europe
Wii: Nothing has happened in ages

Basically wait for the bursts to die down from the other two, or for SMG to hit, before you jump to conclusions.

See above posters.

Tell you what, as soon as MS or Sony start selling more units worldwide than Nintendo, and uphold that trend for more than one or two months, yeah Nintendomination will have ended. As of right now, it's too early to call the shots, especially with christmas right around the corner.

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Nintendo's sales (over all) have remained remarkably high considering that they have had some dramatic game droughts lately and their most anticipated title of the year hasn't been released. The PS3 has had 2 price reductions, along with several bundle deals, and still can't match the worldwide sales of the Wii in the midst of a gaming drought caused slide in Japan ...

The funny thing is the ps3 cost alot more than everything else.



Nintendo will resume kicking everyone else's ass on December 26th, 2007. Namely, the day after Christmas when stocks will start replenishing for all systems (only Nintendo should face shortages this year).

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leo-j said:
The funny thing is the ps3 cost alot more than everything else.

Not the 360 (comparing cheapest SKUs). And look at Happy's post.

No, Nintendomination is not at an end... It's going to take much more than price cuts and Halo 3 for the PS3 and 360 to dominate over the Wii... In fact I don't think that Sony nor Microsoft believe they can stop the Wii.

Two more comments:

1- Awesome performance from the 360 in the Americas lately! It could remain at this high sales level until Christmas, I'm sure Microsoft would love that now that the Falcons are getting manufactured.

2- I thought Japanese gamers were better informed than to buy the PS3 one week before it gets a price cut... Sales are more or less equal to last week's!


PS: I was going to say "We don't have data for USA nor Japan yet!" but then I noticed where you copied the numbers from, there's a new little section in the front page!

Is this the new official format ioi? Or is it just a way to put up hardware sales when the charts including software sales aren't ready yet?


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