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    June 12th....

    in General Discussion on 09 June 2008

    Ahhh yes. June 12th. A lot of things going down that day. WW MGS 4 release, probably a hundred new threads contributed by DmeisterJ and Soriku (not that it's that bad), the nationwide Ubi boycott will simmer down as new 3rd party games from other devs are announced.....and one very, VERY important event: Poland will hand Austria's butt to it for the Groub B's second round match on Euro...

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    what if the next final fantasy is bad?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 June 2008

    I wonder, personally i very much liked the series part 4 through 9 but after ffX i somehow started to feel disappointed. The question is what will sales look like even if the game does come out good. If you look at the series history you'll see a great boom in sales with ff7 Yet after that those sales have systemacticaly started to stumble.FF 12 revered by some as "best of the series" sold 5...

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    Anyone here that boycotting Ubisoft was pointless/useless right now?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2008

    I'll give you a plus 10 if you decide to boycott Austria during Euro 2008 Rol :D...

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    Infinity Ward, makers of COD4 dont want to develop for the Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2008

    Just goes to show that 3rd parties have become somewhat stagnant in their support for individual companies like N and S. With so much money at stake when developing major games and gamers being greater graphic whores than they used to be, it rather becomes apparent for who or rather what console these devs what to develope for.But i do hope that IW will make a game someday for the Wii. ...

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    installs or disc swapping?

    in General Discussion on 06 June 2008

    Definitely disc swapping. Storage space could go for something more useful (movies, music etc.)...

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    Last movie you saw at the theater?

    in General Discussion on 06 June 2008

    Indiana Jones was the second last movie i saw. Quite good.The last movie was titled "Year of the toenail" (ummmm gross). A strange Mexican movie. The film is composed of a number of static frames, or pictures if you will, to which a dialogue is given. The story revolves around a 14 year old horn dog searching for his love and a 21 year old gringa from NY that just likes being in South America.By...

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    First Hd wii game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2008

    Who knows what the Wii is actually capable of, especially when we're constantly being fed with Imagine: Dogzand Make Belief: Poo games that hardly look look better than your average DS game.Although i am going to be cautious with this one and say that the pics are upscaled....

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    The Wii storage solution, a grassroots campaign is in order.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 June 2008

    I personally don't see the problem. I mean sure it would be great to have unlimited amount of storage on your console, but because you don't have to pay for the second download i don't have a problem with deleing and installing new software.Other than that, i think Nintendo either has a shut lip and solution down the pipe or the problem you have said about isn't such of big proportions for them...

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    Is Wiiware really this bad?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2008

    awww please. Seems like another rant from someone who just got too used to having it good. Last thing that i would want is my credit card info saved on my wii or xbox. What better way to bein some serious sh*t if by any chance someone manages to steal it.And seriously, background downloading? What for?? These games are 40 MB max. If someone has a good and fast internet connection, there's no...

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    Look how happy kojima looks with Metal Gear Solid 4......

    in Sony Discussion on 26 May 2008

    Maybe he's worried about the forthcoming sales of MGS4 in Japan? I would personally also be worried in his position.....Or maybe he jut doesn't give a damn?...

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    Sony lost this GEN before it even started

    in Sony Discussion on 26 May 2008

    Somehow i get the feeling that you're a douche Montana. Seriously, your posts about Europeans and downplaying the OP? That's how a moderator is supposed to act? Who gave you the right to say what thead is a good thread?Really man, get a life....

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    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (here be spoilers!)

    in General Discussion on 23 May 2008

    Well techincally the refrigirator could have saved him. There was a small scene just so we could see the "made out of lead" sign. In theory lead is the most effective thing that can shield you from a nuclear blast and radioactive contamination. Sure that it was pretty far fetched but then again, what about Indianas miraculous saves from poisened darts, gun shots, arrows in the previous...

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    is it just me or is vgchartz undertracking the ps3 completely

    in Sony Discussion on 23 May 2008

    ......no comment....

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    Wow, Wii numbers are suprisingly not high at all...

    in Sales Discussion on 22 May 2008

    Why? This is for the week ending on the 17th. If anything expect a big HW boost for the next series of SW and HW numbers for the week ending on the 24th....

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    CRYSIS Who?? -- NEW Killzone 2 Screens!! WOW!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2008

    Crysis still owns this game in terms of graphics. And no way you can think otherwise....

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    HAZE review (IGN).....4.5

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 May 2008

    uu....it sure does look like another failure. The PS3 just has the worst luck, huh?...

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    HAZE review (IGN).....4.5

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 May 2008


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    Mad world for Wii- so far, a must have for all hardcore Wii gamers.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 May 2008

    Could be, have been away for a while so i'm not up to date with things on vgc....

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    Mad world for Wii- so far, a must have for all hardcore Wii gamers.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 May 2008

    http://wii.ign.com/articles/874/874210p1.htmlEyes-on Mad WorldHoly eff!by Matt Casamassina May 15, 2008 - In Mad World from Platinum Games, the main character tears through a hyper-stylized black and white city and impales his enemies on a wall of spikes... five or six times in a row, puling them off to fleshy, sucking noises and then tossing them back on again in a gruesome...

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    A $260 Loss Per PS3 For Sony?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 May 2008

    Yeah well, that's nice and all but that doesn't change the fact that Sony's gaming division lost a lot of money during Q4 in the passing fiscal year. So for those who say that PS3 is definitely on the verge of being profitable, you better take a second guess, those losses must have come from somewhere, and R&D doesn't cut it, not during this time of the year....

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