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TomaTito said:


After your first post, you must have noticed the nice avatars the replying members had.
Your first choice most likely isn't your favourite or you might even be sporting it still.

What made you switch from the default icon to a more personal one?



To find the first avatar just search your username in the VGC avatar catalogue and look for the lowest numbered file.

(Let's hit the VGC server hard with these avatar queries)

absolutely nothing.  Been that way since I joined... whenever that was.

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I...don't remember

I was so creative and original back then. Mine was some random picture of The Joker.


mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

The numbers given for the avatar image files are random so the lowest number won't necessarily be your first one. Also, for old members like me, our first avatar predates the archive. Luckily, I still remember my first avatar: 

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TruckOSaurus said:

Also, for old members like me, our first avatar predates the archive.

Wow, big yikes. Thankfully I took my time to download all of mine and write down a semi-detailed history of when each one was active, so I'll have that knowledge from now on but I wouldn't have forgotten my first one, anyway.

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COKTOE said:

This was my first avatar. The original was more HQ. Though I did change it a few times, to try to lure various female members into my gingerbread house, it was my main avi for roughly my first 7 years.

Gotta nuke something!

Anyways, my avatar has never changed.

Jin from Samurai Champloo

I've always used a variation of the same avatar, but this one was the first of all

I've simply removed the text because, by now, it already goes implicit in everything I say.

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I looked up in the archive but I doubt the image with the lowest number was my first avatar.

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