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    < Mnementh posted something on Zisbest's wall:

    Hello. In the past you were with your top50 in the greatest game event. It is happening again this year and starting soon. Wanna join again? Sign-up thread: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=241130

    < Assyrian612 posted something on Zisbest's wall:

    Yoooo what's up brother?!? How have you been??

    Yo my man! It's been ages talking to you :) Been doing good my friend, very good. My hype is real considering Shenmue III is almost around the corner! How about you, you doing fine?

    on 11 March 2019

    I'm happy to hear that bro!! I'm doing good as well, just recently graduated from college back in December of 2018. I'm just looking for work now! I'm super pumped for Shenmue 3 bro, hopefully it's everything we imagined it be! You ever get a Nintendo Switch, if so, we can play super smash?!

    on 26 March 2019

    Glad to hear, congrats on your graduation! Will still take some time for me haha. 'Course I got myself a switch man, couldn't do without Smash ;) Just drop me your switch name or contact (or however that works again) and we can get a few games rockin' some time!

    on 27 March 2019

    < mZuzek posted something on Zisbest's wall:

    My dude

    Sorry to say it, but, Smash Ultimate is ineligible.

    Well, then that was my mistake for not reading (or rather remembering) the rules thoroughly! Thanks for notifying me, I will update the list. :P (As a huge smash fan this game is *mmmmhh* though)

    on 30 December 2018

    Oh, you can imagine many people (myself included) feel that way about not being able to list Ultimate this year. Will be interesting to see how high it makes it next year, I guess.

    on 30 December 2018

    Going through my list once again I realized I hadn't put Mischief Makers in. Would've been criminal so that was a change for the better this year lol.
    And yeah, Ultimate will surely do its thing next year.

    on 30 December 2018

    welp, one more thing I just noticed now that I'm compiling the list... You have Tetris & Dr. Mario at #38. Since it's a compilation of the two games' original versions, they have to count separately, so you're gonna have to pick one of them.

    on 04 January 2019

    Eh, to be honest looking into it a bit more, maybe I can consider this its own game. It's such a grey area, though.

    on 04 January 2019

    In any case, Age of Empires 2 on the PS1 was a typo, right?

    on 04 January 2019

    What's up with my typos recently lol. Obviously that wasn't meant to be PS1. Tetris & Super Mario only makes the list because I've got such a nostalgia crush on it lol. I could change it to Tetris in any case.

    on 04 January 2019

    Nah, I'm counting them both together, don't worry. Everyone makes typos too, certainly when managing lists of 50 games, I've had a few here too.

    on 04 January 2019

    < Teeqoz posted something on Zisbest's wall:

    We've gotten lazy. Next time, we have to do TotY again. And I'll put the t-shirt up for sale haha.

    Yeah man. I'm more lurking these days and couldn't motivate myself to set up another TotY thread at all. 2018 tho... ;)

    on 11 February 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Zisbest's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    Thank you! Hope you have a good ol' time and a Merry Christmas as well.

    on 25 December 2017

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    Write 74

    Last generation for physical copies? Capcom: Game sales are 80% digital, and rising

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2020

    Indeed I've had the same thought in mind - but how much would you estimate such an increase to be? Can't quite wrap my head around it, perhaps 4 dollars or 5? How much is "significantly higher"? Edit: geez, it's been ages since I posted and it shows. Should've used the 'quote' tag. This is directed @Dulfite ...

    Write 58

    What was your first avatar?

    in General Discussion on 15 May 2019

    Good old Master Sword. Some day I'll get back to you. ...

    Write 63

    What's your favourite genre of music?

    in Music Discussion on 26 April 2019

    I basically listen to pretty much all types of music (except for hardcore versions of metal, those are not meant for me). If I had to pick some favourites: classic rock, prog rock and disco too. ...


    Occupation: Just doing stuff

    Education: grammar school, secondary school, whatever it's called...

    University: Some weird place in Austria you've never heard of and probably never will either.

    Height: 6'0

    Eye colour: Blue

    Hair colour: Brown

    Zodiac sign: Capricorn

    Relationship status: Single

    Website: http://www.shenmuedojo.net/

    AIM: -

    MSN: -

    Favourite Games: The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Shenmue I + II

    Favourite Music: The Electric Light Orchestra. Very broad taste besides that.

    Favourite Films: Star Wars, The great escape, National Lampoon's Vacation, Back to the future, The life of brian, Batman Begins - The Dark knight returns; The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya etc.

    Favourite Books: Tom Sawyer/
    Huckleberry Finn
    The Hobbit
    Arsène Lupin
    The Metal Gear Solid Novels
    (probably more which I can't think of right now)

    Favourite Food: There's pretty much nothing I dislike.

    Hobbies: fighting sport, ice skating, drawing, hand crafting, gaming, music, wasting time with my dog, etc.

    About Me: Some guy from Austria that grew up with gaming.
    I think everything has been said. xD

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