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What's your gaming history, what consoles have you owned, from your first to present? Here's a brief look at mine, Not the best quality video but a vid I made awhile back, and yes I've only ever owned one console every gen, I had a dsi xl but never included it in the video


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i started on PC and will continue to stay loyal to it. Ninty, Sega, and finaly Sony.

i've gamed on damn near every console in gaming history.

I've purchased every single Nintendo console since SNES and almost every portable (except for 3DS which I will get within a year).

I've never owned a PS1, but do have a PS2, PS3 and PSP.

I'm still "new" to PC and probably wont expand over to it until I get myself a gaming PC.

As for Xbox, if I had the additional funds, I would get it, but not atm.

My entire history would be like:

1991 - Super Nintendo
1996 - Nintendo 64
1999 - Gameboy Color
2001 - GameCube
2002 - Gameboy Advance
2003 - Playstation 2
2005 - Playstation Portable
2007 - Nintendo DS
2008 - Wii
2011 - Playstation 3

Planning to get a PSVita this year and perhaps a Wii-U when it gets launched or will wait till 2013 for that. More than likely will be getting a 3DS sometime this year if I can manage to get the funds for it or wait for a remodel , maybe a XL if it ever gets released (I can wait).

Would love to get a Xbox360 too for those discounted games that I missed or the exclusive RPGs like Tales of Vesperia *_*


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In order
Nintendo 64, PS1, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3
(I'm not counting portables.)

Currently, I only own a PS3. I actually sold all my consoles so I could afford a PS3 lol.





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Started with a star wars game and Metroid on the SNES, then moved on to some great games on the 64 such as DK64, OoT, Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart64, and some others..then played my dad's GameGear which introduced me to Sonic, then a Playstation which introduced me to Final Fantasy(with 7 and 8), owned myself a gamecube that gave me some of the best videogame experiences, such as Sup Mario Sunshine, LoZ: Windwaker, Mario Strikers, Mario Tennis, and Luigi's Mansion. Then the Xbox came, which brought Halo. Then the 360 introduced Gears of War to me.

And here I am now, patiently waiting for my next best videogame experience, Kid Icarus: Uprising.

VGKing said:
In order
Nintendo 64, PS1, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3
(I'm not counting portables.)

Currently, I only own a PS3. I actually sold all my consoles so I could afford a PS3 lol.

I see you've had more than one console every generation, that's where I feel I've missed out on some great consoles such as the n64 and dreamcast, obviously I've played snes, gamecube, ps3, xbox and 360 ect but never owned them, I remember my mum making me sell my Megadrive to buy a ps1, I still regret selling that beast to this day


My history of consoles I have owned is pretty low lol. Well here it is anyways.

1. Xbox 360
2. *insert next-gen console*

I started playing video games (Donkey Kong) on a Coleco Vision at one of my friend's house, Then another of my friends rented a NES, played Super Mario Bros. and loved it. When I came back home, I annoyed the hell out of my parents to get one. My little brother joined in and my parents caved and bought us a NES for Christmas.

After that, I got a SNES, got a subcription to Nintendo Power which my dad agreed to pay for if I'd agree to translate all the articles in French to pratice my English (I never did it).

I bought a N64 played Mario 64, Blast Corps, Star Fox 64 and a few other gem but then rented a PS1 with Final Fantasy VII for a weekend. I needed that game so I sold my N64 and bought a PS1 with the game.

I eventually got another N64. Afterwards, I bought every Nintendo and Sony console as they came out. I didn't think I'd ever get an XBox 360 but Kinect and Dance Central (and a few exclusives too) convinced me to buy one.

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In Order:
GameBoy Color
Nintendo 64
GameBoy Advance
GameBoy Advance SP
Playstation 2
Gameboy Advance Micro
DS Lite
Playstation 3


Gaming on: PS4 Pro, Switch, SNES Mini, Wii U, PC (i5-7400, GTX 1060)