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For this thread you need to resurrect the thread your first post was in. Post Oi Oi, to revive!Lets explore the VGChartz past, Heres mine. Do it. Are we ready. Lets do it. Discuss why you posted your first ever post here..

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This was my first post cuz I hoped to help another person enjoy Wii gaming. Please expand,

RedInker said:
This was my first post cuz I hoped to help another person enjoy Wii gaming. Please expand,

Umm... so what's your first post?

Mine was:

"Like most people I don't think Apple would ever do that.

But even if they did it -would- fail, and miserably at that. The people who buy iPads are people who like technology (like gadgets) as a whole, not gaming. Or people like a Grandma wanting to FaceTime with her Children and Grandkids or a Person running a business who needs something portable. Ultimately it would fail."

- Dec. 7th 2011.

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How do I find it?



You should put up a tutorial on how to find it. 

I found it!

"I agree... Im still enjoying my consoles here." 

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My first post was five years ago. I don't know how to find it.


Just click the button that says latest post up to the mid right of the page. And make sure you do it in my topics. Then you can find your first post.


Sony is losing money with almost all of its products, except maybe there movies (after a tough few months) and the PSP (in Japan). Microsoft is doing fine, but there console division isn't that strong. The PS3 looks like it even might over take it eventually. Nintendo has plenty of money to do what ever it takes to keep them in front for a while. Now I obviously don't follow every little story there is on these matters, but from what I can see Nintendo is doing better now than what they were with the NES. So if the same thing happens, that happened back then, the Wii and its next system should be number one for a while. They have the money to do it. Yeah, it took a while for people to figure out the Wii, but it looks like developers are figuring it out. I see way more good scores for DS and Wii games on IGN and other sites than bad ones now. They are gonna get some hardcore gamers to come back with the new Mario's and Zelda, etc.. Those gamers are gonna try out the games they missed, and by then Nintendo will have itself back in its groove. Which is, putting out a steady variety of games for all tastes like it did back in its heyday. Im not saying anything bad about the other guys. Im just saying Nintendo is not going out with out a fight this time. They made a mistake with Sony before, when they were a giant of the gaming industry back in the day. I think they will do what it takes now that they have such a big market share again. Like I said Im not saying anything bad about the other guys, I love playing the games that are on the PS3 and 360. The industry needs those guys. We know how Nintedo is;Instead of saying they were wrong about bringing disc. to consol, they went through two consols (over ten years) to change from cartridges to disc. Without the other guys we would not have seen so much great gaming!

Instead of rambling on forever, I will just say what I have been trying to say from the beginning...nintendo is not just going to slowly go away. Sorry other guys.





For some reason I think I got a ban or a warning for this.

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Clearly I've been here for too long because because my post history only goes back to jan 2011 but I've been here since 08 so...

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Yup, for those of us who have been on here longer than 4.0 (?) it will be impossible to find our first post since the post history only goes back to a certain extent. That is, unless we remember what thread our first post was in. Maybe there was another thread like this one long ago, it feels oddly familiar.

Edit: Now I know why this felt so familiar to me. lol (Jan 2008) March 2008) (Sept 2009)

Nintendo still doomed?
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thetonestarr said:
My first post was five years ago. I don't know how to find it.

click on 'my topics' at the top of the page and it will list every thread you've ever posted in