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Forums - General Discussion - What will your last post be?


Been on quite a few hiatus on this site, and never really thought on formally saying good bye as sooner or later I will come back.
But with the lower activity and regular members becoming disinterested, I have wondered what last message I would leave here.
In the end we all have to move onto other things, might even be forced by external situations out of our control.

So VGCz, what do you want your last post to be? Has this even crossed your mind?
Did you leave for a long period? Try to find out which was your actual last post then.

Funnily enough this thread closes the third trilogy of the "What are your _____ threads?" series, quite fitting I must say.
The beginning of the second trilogy said that series must go on and on, there's never a last one. The cake was a lie.

Could even be my last thread.

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Hmm... I proababy will just say goodbye in the Xbox thread and leave it at that I'd imagine.

I don't think I'l ever stop visiting this site though as it's my news source for the industry too.

I will probably go with the same words that the Beatles left us with: and in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make.

This one. Goodbye.


See you, space cowboy.

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My last post will be:

Mnementh said:

My last post will be: ...

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tsogud said:

This one. Goodbye.

I knew someone would post this

This was my last post from my recent internet break, pretty bleak to leave like that.

TomaTito said:

Not Hades, not Animal Crossing, not Mario Kart...
The year ended among us! We are all winners!!!

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You say tomato, I say tomato 

"¡Viva la Ñ!"

Will I even get a choice?

If I just die one day then whatever my last post before that was will stay the last one forever, no matter how good/bad it was.

Or if the VGC servers just get permanently shut down... I may not even know what my last post was (I guess I wouldn't know if I was dead too, but I also wouldn't know I was dead so...)

One day, I won't come back on. I wouldn't know what my last post would be

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It'll probably be something like a vote in a most wanted thread. I don't think I'd make a grand statement if I were to leave, I'd just stop showing up.

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