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Forums - Website Topics - How do you like the new look and functionality of VGChartz?


How do you like the new look and functionality of VGChartz?

It's notably better than before 98 11.06%
It's slightly better than before 237 26.75%
It's about the same as before 80 9.03%
It's slightly worse than before 192 21.67%
It's notably worse than before 257 29.01%
Didn't even notice a change 22 2.48%

At first the loading times were killing me, but they have gotten better. The home page looks a bit cluttered IMO, especially with the hot topics showing the avatar of the thread's OP, but it doesn't look too bad overall.

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Front page is a bit of a mess. I can't easily tell the sections apart, and the side-by-side articles are much more difficult to comprehend than a vertical list. I mainly come for the front page + news articles, but I can't skim over everything for the interesting bits like this. I'll have to look for a different news source if it stays like it is.

Haven't noticed a lot of changes in functionality.

The front page looks significantly worse than before though, especially compared to the old one (before 2018). Most modern sites have a clean and calm layout, this is the complete opposite.

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Haven't checked it out on desktop yet so that may change my views. On mobile it's been somewhat annoying for awhile to tell the truth, but I actually like it less now because nothing can be seen on a single screen. And I'm not the biggest fan of the avatars next to forum topics. Otherwise, it's probably fine, I imagine I'll like it on PC.

I didn't wanna comment on this before because I felt bad about it, but I really don't like the new homepage. I know many people put a lot of effort into this, and I imagine it really is a big improvement under the hood (code), but I'm sorry to say, it looks hideous.

Having images on the hardware chart, latest charts, latest stories and forum sections means there's pictures absolutely everywhere and it clutters the thing way too much. The orange font used for the section titles looks like something straight out of 1999. The forum filter being sideways instead of a vertical drop-down has its upsides, but it's also less versatile than before - now you only have buttons for the overall sections of the forum, rather than each specific one, and these are still filtered, meaning I can't access every forum from the homepage if I have one filtered out. Before, I'd have the hot topics section filtered to my liking, but I could still check out the other forums with the drop down menu. Not a thing anymore, now I need to go to forum index to get there.

The other pages seem to have had its own fair share of changes too, and some of them are weirding me out - such as everything under notifications, messages, settings, and more being all in one page -, but I think these will feel like a big improvement once I get used to them and the loading issues are ironed out.

To be completely honest though, I still think the old design of the site was much better than everything that came after. By old design I don't mean last week, I mean the one from a few years ago. I respect the work that's going on behind this and always felt like VGC needed some modernization, but I can't say I'm a fan of where it's taken us.

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In the sites defense, it's still a work in progress. Its working a lot better than it has been earlier today and last night. 

Looks too cluttered/busy for the desktop. It's almost like information overload. The mobile version looks good enough though.


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As the staff has stated before we are focused on getting the site loading as fast as it used to. The slowness wasn't an issue during testing. After that we will work on bugs then take suggestions from the community. We hear you that the front page is too "cluttered." One thing several of us are in agreement with is removing the avatars for the Forums section by default and having it as a setting to turn on/off. After that, I'd personally like to work with the community with the rest of the front page to come up with suggestions and to see what would be best. What you all don't see is a ton of work went with the backend to update a lot of the plug-ins that were years out of date.

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with all due respect... i don't like it.

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I like the dark theme, keep this. But I feel that only working on the front page's CSS and HTML makes the actual forums stick out like a sore thumb. And yeah, the front page is just really cluttered and there's no um, clear direction that your eyes should move in. It's just too much to take in at once.

Also on mobile you have to scroll for a while just to get down to the topics, which I feel is one of the more important part of VGC. While it's nice to see the OP's avatar next to their topics, I feel that since the website is contained in a div that allows for ads to be displayed, it takes away real estate for negative space. Overall I think it's too busy and the forum design isn't cohesive to the new changes.

I know web design is difficult, especially if you're the only one working on it (I've been there) but I feel there's still room for improvement. I think if the designer is going back to the drawing board, keep negative space in mind. Think about what ideas aren't necessary to the design & usability of VGC, explore ways to use less real estate for news & articles while still being omnipresent meaning, maybe use carousels, scroll wheels, etc. And finally update the forum designs. If the front page is focusing on hard edges, modern minimalism, then the forums should too. Remove the round corners from the forum actions, enlarge those forum action buttons and update the forum icon to match.

This is going in the right direction, your work is appreciated, it just needs to be polished. And that's the beauty of art right? You can always improve.

Edit: Also, whenever I post in forums the line breaks/paragraph breaks aren't processing when I submit. Hence the edit. 

Edit 2: Another issue that bugs me...the Global Hardware Totals. Like I get it, it serves its function but I think it's time for a redesign. Paper Prototyping goes a long way. 

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