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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What I Want For The Next Zelda

Full set of climbing gear lets you climb when its raining.


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Actual side quests, that are interesting. Not "Bring me 55 rushrooms".

Actually rewarded for attacking enemy camps and fighting in the overworld so I don't decide to avoid pretty much every fight because it's not worth the effort.

More abilities so shrines/dungeons are more varied, and it's not as easy as "Obstacle? Scan with magnet."

BOTW had many shortcomings that a sequel can improve.

I want a Majora's Mask-like sequel. Breath of the Wild was, just like Ocarina of Time, a great game to show off the new possibilities (the size and openness of the world), it was a very exciting game to play because of how different and innovative it was. The sequel won't have the same level of excitement if it's just BotW with another world, so a bigger focus on story and atmosphere would help it stand out (BotW's storytelling was great, so I hope they keep that, but the plot was a bit on the light side).

Other than that, I don't think any of BotW's mechanics can really be improved, but I do hope they bring enough change and variety: new enemies, animals, plants, objects, weapons, clothes... and also fresh ideas for shrines, koroks, dungeons...

- More traditional dungeons.
- Slightly smaller world, traversing became a bit of a ballache even with all the warps.
- If weapon durability is to stay, then maybe include a small number that don't break (either you have to really work for them, they're post game bonuses or they're weak like Lara's pistols in the original Tomb Raider games).

  • Get rid of the god awful mechanic of the rain affecting climbing
  • Get rid of the constantly breaking weapons. Or, make it so any weapons picked up from enemies break really fast, but there are a good range of swords and bows that can be purchased or found in the world that do not break
  • More enemy variety
  • Deeper combat. no one is expecting DMC/Bayonetta quality action, but a few more moves would be nice
  • Better sidequests. The game was very leniently judged in this regard, in a way that i haven't seen any other recent open world game enjoy the luxury of. The side quests are completely outdated now, and are something you would expect of an early 360 open world game. Giving people ingredients or taking a photo of something a 20 second walk away isn't good enough. The biggest weakness of BotW for sure.
  • More variety in enemy camps
  • May sound stupid, but a mechanic where you can just get your horse teleported to you as long as you are on flat ground. I enjoy horse riding, but in a game that you want to constantly explore, and not just horizontally but vertically too, it became too annoying and time consuming to keep going back for the horse, and i ended up hardly ever bothering.
  • More customisation. Weapons, armor, horse, house

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CaptainExplosion said:
XD84 said:
Better soundtrack (BotW was in my opinion one of the worst of the series)
Better story

What's wrong with the story?

That is a general issue with the series. During the N64 area I loved the story of both games but since then I just find them weak and not interesting. 

Another thing that I would like not to see in the next Zelda are shrines with gyro puzzles. 

A story that's based on progression with a partner, like Twilight Princess. If it can rival that story and connection Link and Midna had, that'll make me happy. The flashbacks are just not really my favorite kind of story telling, it doesn't have the same "ooomph" effect as opposed to a story that develops throughout your journey.

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ThisanmU said:
"-Allowing Link to travel underwater again" - YES

And a day/night cycle that works according to real life, including a season system. If I turn on my console at 9p.m then the game should be presented at night too.

Only if that feature is optional.

When I only have time to play in the evening due to work I don't want to move through a dark sunless Hyrule every evening. Shorter day/night cycles in games are more interesting IMHO.

everything people said here I can agree with. the main thing for me tho is underwater diving and caves. and the option to listen to music in the game or just nature.. I cant say I'd want music 24/7 playing as I enjoy the sounds of nature but the option to turn it on/off would be nice


I just love campaign couch coop and there needs to be more of it lol