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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What I Want For The Next Zelda

good points, maybe just add more things similar to the witcher 3 to make it more mature like a fine wine

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CaptainExplosion said: 
PortisheadBiscuit said:
I want a new 2D Zelda, I hope Nintendo doesn't abandon the format.

I don't know if they will.

Most likely they will, Aonuma said top down Zelda games on Switch is 'definitely a possibility'. I wouldnt be suprised if next Switch Zelda is top down Zelda.

Despite point that BotW is great game, if Nintendo would make sequel for BotW I would like to see few things better done with my biggest complains about game:

-Rewarding system. For over 90% side quests in game like reward you get rupees, in past Zelda game you had heart containers, bottles, masks, upgrade capacity for bombs/ you know you will almost certain get rupees for every done side quest, that's very predictable and boring and was killing my desire for side quests. Similar goes for world quests/puzzles, you know at end of those quests you will discover onother Shrine. Same goes for Shrines also, another shrine automatically means another Orb for health or stamina upgrade. Maybe it would be much better that orbs are not linked only to the Shrines, that thorugh side quests you could also get a heart container or a stamina upgrade part, or more often weapons and armor instead of almost certain rupees, and that every world quest/riddle does not end with a new Shrine.
-Bigger variety of enemies. Not much to tell about that.
-More dungeons. Not much to tell about that.

Personally I would love that next 3D Zelda be mix of BotW and older Zelda's with smaller but more focused world.
Also I could easily see Nintendo doing Majora's Mask sequel for BotW.

- better and way more consistent physics
- more enemies, suited to region and with different resistances to certain types of damage
- more weapons with clearly defined type(s) of damage they deal
- no endless slate powers, especially bombs are ridiculously overused - "magic" needs meter/"mana" like in previous games
- weapon and shield wear and tear is fine, in fact armor should have it as well - it's just they all need some sort of gauge to show its condition, as well as ways to repair/fix them, either in shops (especially for heavier armor) or with tools
- underground locations - every time I ran into some destructible rock formation I was hoping it will be entrance to some underground such luck...which brings me to:
- classic 3D Zelda dungeons sprinkled with classic RPG really needs, Divine beasts are not good replacements...they are fine, but they are too easy, too short, and too few...which leads to:
- no shrines...they are really poor replacement for dungeons - there's nothing more boring than solving neat environmental puzzle and getting yet another orb (and potentially some breakable weapon/shield)...this leads to:
- proper and much better rewards should be really high on their to do list for next game - among other things, it's about time that LoZ gets rings and amulets - jewelry in Gerudo Town was step in the right direction, it just needs to be rings and amulets, so that they do not take up armor slots
- no Korok seeds - most of those "puzzles" are boringly repetitive and it's really silly mechanism to enhance your inventory space...this leads to:
- inventory really needs fixing - sorting is terrible, ingredients are not marked with icons indicating their special properties and limited weapon/shield space makes no sense whatsoever the way it's implemented; also all gear/ingredients need weight
- pausing game while going through inventory and healing yourself is really, really bad design - game is already very easy, this makes it at times ridicioulosly unchallenging
- no towers - I honestly see no purpose in them, other than getting a map - for me it's much more rewarding to seek vantage point somewhere in lansdscape and I'd rather that maps of different qualities are sold at the shops or with NPCs, in addition to being auto generated as you explore (in latter case, names of locations would appear on map only if you acquired that knowledge in some way)
- climbing - this is one of my pet peeves with a game - while I like that there is climbing in game, its implementation, for me, breaks the game in so many ways - Zelda is not RPG, so attributes, skills and other modifiers are not to be expected in future instalments, but something like encumbrance should be a thing - wear heavy plate armor and have ton of loot and see how good you are at free-climbing 90 degree (or even more, which is even more ridiculous in BotW) vertical cliff - this would at least make current very basic hearts/stamina upgrade path somewhat more interesting and make different playstyles necessary, depending on personal preference
- no such thing as Blood Moon - enemy respawning should be tied to the story progression
- better world design with more locations, BotW feels very much copy/pasted after a while - also world that nudges player to certain paths, thus giving designers ability to make better main story arc.
- better side quests - while there was enough of them, most of them are quite simple and is, after all, post TW3 era.

I want to return to the Wind Waker Toon Link aesthetic. Also, maybe a female option for Link (and male option for Zelda)...

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I personally want another big departure from every other game. LoZ works best when it changes drastically from game to game.

For me: Keep voice acting, bring back Koji Kondo, have at least one weapon from each category be unbreakable, bring back classic dungeons, focus more on story.


burninmylight said:
Conina said:

Only if that feature is optional.

When I only have time to play in the evening due to work I don't want to move through a dark sunless Hyrule every evening. Shorter day/night cycles in games are more interesting IMHO.

Exactly this. Anyone who has played a game that really does use a 1:1 day/night cycle to real life (like the Gen 7 Pokemon games) can tell you how big of a pain in the ass this really is. Ever had to wake up at 5 in the morning just to evolve a Lycanroc? lol

And before you say that  one can just adjust their system clock, games that use this 24-hour cycle can punish you for manipulating it, again like Pokemon Sun and Moon, and I think Animal Crossing: New Leaf locks you out of time-sensitive events for a certain amount of time for doing so as well, but I haven't touched it in two or three years.


I didn't know this real day/night cycle has been used in a game already, what Pokémon games use this system?

I want to see a longer and more involved main story. I loved the side stuff in BOTW, but I enjoy more linear experiences in my open world games. I understand I may be in the minority here.

Miyamotoo said:
CaptainExplosion said: 

I don't know if they will.

Most likely they will, Aonuma said top down Zelda games on Switch is 'definitely a possibility'. I wouldnt be suprised if next Switch Zelda is top down Zelda.

I hope so! The last one (not Triforce) was amazing.