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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What I Want For The Next Zelda

I want a game with the BotW engine, but it has action more like Hyrule Warriors. Also it would be cool if you could tackle the world co-op (either local or online). So mostly I want a BotW game with better action and co-op.

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- Bigger emphasis on the story.
- Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword tier dungeons. - At least 6 of them.
- More variety with weapons and items. (Hookshot, I miss youuuuu!)
- Post game/New Hero+ type of campaign where you help Hyrule rebuild. After you beat the game, an entirely new batch of side quests, story missions, shrines, etc. opens up. Just because Ganon is defeated shouldn't mean the game is over!

- A story that's not completely disjointed just for the sake of freedom (Make the main quest linear and keep the "freedom" for everything else)
- Let me toggle voice acting off completely like DQXI. I prefer my grunts and text boxes.
- Way better soundtrack.
- Proper dungeons.
- Split spirit orbs back into heart containers and make stamina vessels its own item. I'd much rather do a shrine when I don't know which one I'm going to get. Better yet, do not make them a shrine-only reward, use them as sidequest rewards too.
- Weapons that don't break (Or at the very least the Master Sword so I can just use that).
- Smaller, fuller map with less copy-paste.
- Much better enemy variety.
- Green tunic at the start of the game (Please don't give it to me after I already played the whole game like in BotW, that was awful).
- Give Link a soul again during cutscenes. Stone-faced Link was a big disappointment coming from Skyward Sword.

So basically I won't get the Zelda game I want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ljink96 said:
Yup, I just want more classic enemies reimagined like you said Re-Deads, Dodongos, Gibdo, etc. Also a story that's more focused and engaging. I simply did not enjoy the BotW. story. It felt half baked, the fact that you had to view the past rather than experience it is a good idea on paper and does fit the narrative but the narrative itself is dull and predictable.

I understand Nintendo puts gameplay over story but I see no reason why the game can't have a story that's at least half as interesting as OoT.

And of course, please bring dungeons back. And I don't mean the structure of previous Zelda dungeons, but something more along the lines of Hyrule Castle in BotW. The Divine beasts were just bland. I understand that in terms of progression it's difficult to make everything flow in an open world setting, but the way Divine beasts were structured into the story progression just felt safe and predictable. Hearkening back to the original Zelda, you had dungeons that you could enter, not finish, and come back later once you had an item that might aid you. I think that should be explored but even more so in the next Zelda.

Gameplay is spot on, I wouldn't mind the same system with some new moves. BotW's music makes sense, but for the next one I think a more varied soundtrack and pronounced soundtrack would be great.

Yeah, like at least change the instruments depending on the type of environment you've entered. EX: African instruments for Faron Woods, or Middle Eastern instruments for Gerudo Desert.

PortisheadBiscuit said:
I want a new 2D Zelda, I hope Nintendo doesn't abandon the format.

I don't know if they will.

KLXVER said:
and make the weapons stronger than frail glass...

Ok, Jim Sterling. =P

CaptainExplosion said:
XD84 said:
Better soundtrack (BotW was in my opinion one of the worst of the series)
Better story

What's wrong with the story?

Well, it is pretty basic (as are most Nintendo plots). Ancient eil. Hhas arisen and you, the chosen one must fulfill your destiny and save the world.

For it's purpose, it's hardly terrible though. But the main strength of BotW is the mystery and exploration of the open world and the challenge of the combat.

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Give each dungeon a unique theme and goal.

In previous games, each dungeon had its own unique look and feel. The Divine Beasts were cool, but they all had the same general aesthetic. Each one also had you doing the exact same routine (find all the terminals, activate main terminal, fight boss).

Better music.

I was very disappointed in the soundtrack. Some tracks were good, but the rest were pretty forgettable in my opinion. Every Zelda game prior to BotW had epic orchestral music that deserved places in Top 10's and whatnot.

A story that takes place in the present.

BotW's story wasn't bad, but it left a lot to be desired (especially the ending). Having nearly all the story written in flashbacks was cool at first, but then I started to realize there wasn't much going on during my adventure in the present day. A lack of story also means a lack of memorable characters with enough screen time.

Fill those empty fields of grass!

BotW's world isn't empty, but there's still too many vast expanses of nothing. Large empty fields of grass scatter Hyrule, and I can't help but get bored when riding my horse through them trying to get from Point A to Point B.


Conina said:
ThisanmU said:
"-Allowing Link to travel underwater again" - YES

And a day/night cycle that works according to real life, including a season system. If I turn on my console at 9p.m then the game should be presented at night too.

Only if that feature is optional.

When I only have time to play in the evening due to work I don't want to move through a dark sunless Hyrule every evening. Shorter day/night cycles in games are more interesting IMHO.

Exactly this. Anyone who has played a game that really does use a 1:1 day/night cycle to real life (like the Gen 7 Pokemon games) can tell you how big of a pain in the ass this really is. Ever had to wake up at 5 in the morning just to evolve a Lycanroc? lol

And before you say that  one can just adjust their system clock, games that use this 24-hour cycle can punish you for manipulating it, again like Pokemon Sun and Moon, and I think Animal Crossing: New Leaf locks you out of time-sensitive events for a certain amount of time for doing so as well, but I haven't touched it in two or three years.

BotW was a good foundation for upcoming Zelda games, but it fell short of perfection in my view. The next game ought to do the following:

- About 12-15 full-scale dungeons each with their own distinct theme and unique boss. The mini-shrines were interesting at first, but they became wearisome after a while, and the four Divine Beasts were too similar to each other thematically, as were the Blight Ganon bosses.

- An expanded bestiary. BotW has one of the most limited selection of monsters in the whole series. Seeing the same four or five common monster types gets kind of old after a while. Older games in the series had a ton of unique enemies, and the next Zelda likewise needs a bestiary to rival that of LttP, Ocarina, and Wind Waker.

- More weapons that are indestructible. The Master Sword being the only indestructible weapon in the game was a letdown. I go out of my way to get some rare, cool-looking sword only for it to break after two or three fights. That got really annoying after a while. I get weapons like sticks and clubs and low-level swords breaking, but there really should have been more unique, unbreakable weapons.


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Still the best game I ever played to this day but I would also pointed out some aspect they could add or change for the next game.

- Make Link's involvement into the story more actual than simply getting a few flashbacks, they're great but we certainly can get better.

- Add a bit of durability to all weapons in the game (Don't mind much if they keep it as it is.

- Having the same soothing soundtrack but with just a little bit more pep in some places, to be honest BOTW's soundtrack is fantastic when you actually ear it. It's just that you actually don't for 80 % of your playtime.

- Side quests that are more akin to affinity missions with some important characters (Like in Xenoblade's case).

- Put more enemies in the roster.

- Some themed dungeons, but not the traditional kind (like some are asking) cuz this would go against the philisophy the new games are about.

Pretty much it.

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I think having more varied dungeons would be nice for the next game. I wouldn’t say 12-15 like Shadow1989 said, especially, if we go back to the open world concepts of BoTW. That would be an incredible undertaking. If we’re talking a smaller world, then maybe close to 10 would suffice.

With weapons, it depends. I can see why they left the hook shot out. It would’ve been a bit too easy going around in dungeons and shrines and a bit too crazy in the open world.

I would like to see more side characters get some limelight. While Riju, Saidon, Kass, Purah, and the Champions were great, they were notably underdeveloped. Though I was actually quite surprised by the development of the King and Princess Zelda, who remains the best version out of all the Zeldas, to me.

Other than that, I think they have options to go for post-BoTW. While BoTW remains an incredible experience, it’s also a great concept to continue building around. However, I can also see them take a Majoras Mask-like path and go unconventional, though it’s funny since they already went unconventional with BoTW.

As for depends on the path they choose. I personally think the music and ambiance were great for BoTW because they fit with what the developers were going for. I don’t think an overworld number akin to OoT and WW would’ve worked well with BoTW as it might’ve overstated it’s welcome, especially when the next stable is farther away compared to the long distance between islands in WW. I even appreciate the behind the scenes footage of the music and sound effects they produced. I really encourage people to watch those behind the scenes videos if they haven’t so already.