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- A story that's not completely disjointed just for the sake of freedom (Make the main quest linear and keep the "freedom" for everything else)
- Let me toggle voice acting off completely like DQXI. I prefer my grunts and text boxes.
- Way better soundtrack.
- Proper dungeons.
- Split spirit orbs back into heart containers and make stamina vessels its own item. I'd much rather do a shrine when I don't know which one I'm going to get. Better yet, do not make them a shrine-only reward, use them as sidequest rewards too.
- Weapons that don't break (Or at the very least the Master Sword so I can just use that).
- Smaller, fuller map with less copy-paste.
- Much better enemy variety.
- Green tunic at the start of the game (Please don't give it to me after I already played the whole game like in BotW, that was awful).
- Give Link a soul again during cutscenes. Stone-faced Link was a big disappointment coming from Skyward Sword.

So basically I won't get the Zelda game I want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last edited by Vini256 - on 13 November 2018