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burninmylight said:
Conina said:

Only if that feature is optional.

When I only have time to play in the evening due to work I don't want to move through a dark sunless Hyrule every evening. Shorter day/night cycles in games are more interesting IMHO.

Exactly this. Anyone who has played a game that really does use a 1:1 day/night cycle to real life (like the Gen 7 Pokemon games) can tell you how big of a pain in the ass this really is. Ever had to wake up at 5 in the morning just to evolve a Lycanroc? lol

And before you say that  one can just adjust their system clock, games that use this 24-hour cycle can punish you for manipulating it, again like Pokemon Sun and Moon, and I think Animal Crossing: New Leaf locks you out of time-sensitive events for a certain amount of time for doing so as well, but I haven't touched it in two or three years.


I didn't know this real day/night cycle has been used in a game already, what Pokémon games use this system?