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Forums - Movies & TV - What was the last VHS that you watched?

The Lion King - I wanted to watch my VHS one more time before I bought the Blu-Ray verison.

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Lion King i think, or The shining, one of them.

I don't remember, but I'm sure it was at least 8 years ago.

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Pokemon the first movie or it might have been goosebumps: night of the living dummy

Boutros said:
I watch Casper, Once Upon a Forest and The Land Before Time every now and then as they were my favorites as a child but the latest I watched is Zeus and Roxanne.

I've been progressively buying the blu-ray version of Disney Classics to replace my old VHS copies.

Ahh, the old Disney classics...

I still have a VHS version of Casper laying around here....somewhere. I'm too lazy to search for it, though.

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It's either Aladdin or the Star Wars Trilogy in its original version (before Lucas messed with it).

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Private Obsession, starring Shannon Whirry's boobs. Why isn't this available on DVD?!

Alfred J Kwak.. awesome cartoon, about adventure, racism, friendship, nazism, napoleon, dead in the family, climate issues, whale hunting..
But I don't think my VHS works anymore.. a few years back I ported all my family vhs over to dvd and never looked at that thing ever again..


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The last VHS tapes i purchased were Zombie Lust 14 and Devil Ant 2, i still collect WCW PPV tapes.