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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 22 October 2017

    golfgt170 said: ty for the update. lol chevi, you went back on your catalogue??? nice one! Ive been saving up platinums for the past 5 months. I just stopped playing when theres one more trophy left lol Got all the soulsborne plats now including sotfs and demons souls x 3...

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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 10 August 2017

    fadetoone said: How bad was Insanity mode?  I never got around to trying that and it was apparently all I needed. Oh i haven't started SP yet....

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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 10 August 2017

    Nice! I was worried about the Mass Effect 3 plat because of that one MP trophy. But it wasnt an issue at all. The servers are still pretty populated and even then the minigame website to increase readiness is still up and running....

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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 29 June 2017

    Did anyone buy "★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated" game before it got pulled? Lol....

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    Trump will keep list of White House visitors secret

    in Politics Discussion on 15 April 2017

    I dont blame him. Fake News media makes a big deal out of anything Trump does....

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    Your Video Game Treasures: Show Me Your Rarest and Most Expensive Games!

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2017

    Couldnt find Soul Silver but im sure its in the closet comewhere. Dark Souls Steelbook is Limited to 3000. Dont know how much its worth. Ni No Kuni is the EU version so not as expensive as the US version but w/e I also have the EU versions of Xeonblade/Pandoras Tower/Last Story on Wii. not as rare as US versions but still....

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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 22 March 2017

    John2290 said: Chevinator, you beat me to the HZD plat by 12 minutes, lol. Hehe :p...

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    Colin Moriarty is back

    in General Discussion on 21 March 2017

    I wtached him on the ruban report before this all went down and he seems like a really sharp guy...

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    PS4: No Man's Sky Pro Patch Analysis (Digital Foundry)

    in Sony Discussion on 12 March 2017

    Another example of devs trying to push res too high. Should have went with 1440p with 30fps cap. 1080p mode very nice though....

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    Gravity Rush Remastered is a $100 game now in NA

    in Sony Discussion on 18 February 2017

    Just import the damn thing.

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    Obama set the foundation for Trumps Muslim ban

    in Politics Discussion on 31 January 2017

    I think this is important because people are claiming the ban has something to do with trumps businesses when in fact all trump did was threw Syria on the list and put it into play....

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    RE7 - 10% of gamers plays with PSVR, 87k PS VR sold at least.

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 January 2017

    Also keep in mind this only counts the people who "opt in" to the RE NET data collection when you first boot the game up....

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider is like a bad last-gen game

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 January 2017

    I like the game but my main problem with it is that it felt too much like the first one. Everything including the setup of the story and the ending and even the areas and gameplay loop. it all felt like dejavu....

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    PS+ Instant Game Collection - Recommendations Wanted

    in Sony Discussion on 25 January 2017

    FURI Its a twin stick boss rush game with an awesome soundtrack and great combat....

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    3 Major Consoles All Made in China

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 January 2017

    I thought Trumps plan only involves companys who are planning to leave not already left....

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    Trump- Russian Intel Controversy

    in Politics Discussion on 11 January 2017

    Kinda odd. All they would have to do is check travel dates on Trump/Cohen to somewhat verify?...

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    Racist black teens torture white man live for supporting Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 05 January 2017

    Im surprised Trump hasnt said anything yet. Although im glad he didnt do a silly twitter shitpost at least....

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    So Me and my Playstation friend had our first argument...I feel so bad about it... Listen

    in Sony Discussion on 28 December 2016

    Woo! a fellow Siege player on vgc!...

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    Should 900p and 60fps be the base line now instead 1080p?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 December 2016

    This is a common misconception. A game thats 30fps wont magically shoot to 60fps if u drop it to 900p. In reality it would maybe gain 4-8 frames on average. Dropping resolution is typically used when a game is just shy of its targeted fps. The entire game has to be designed around a 60fps target if thats what they want. MGSV is a good example. 1080p locked 60fps game, runs great, has great IQ...

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    Site crashed?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 December 2016

    Nothing new. the site always crashes lol...

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