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    Who will be Iwata successor?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 July 2015

    The (often but painful) truth is that the company must go on. Especially when they had no idea it was going to happen so suddenly. For any company there needs to be a plan for things like this. Apple did it when Jobs was going through his health problems. Why wouldn't Nintendo? So while there is time for mourning and grieving, there is also time for brainstorming on whats next for the company...

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    Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has passed away

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2015

    bunchanumbers said:Looking back on it, you can see it. He really lost a lot of weight over the last couple years and it never looked like he put it back. This is most likely why he didn't go to E3 this year and it makes sense. Travel in his condition would have been a bad idea. And this whole time he was thinking of nothing but turning the company around, even in his condition. I hope you...

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    Nintendo and Third Party... Who is really to blame?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 January 2015

    Tagging this for later. Kinda late for me. Good night....

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    Bayonetta 2 is having some serious legs...!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 January 2015

    ROFLMFAO Thanks for that (short but spontaneous) laugh Jizz_Beard_thePirate....

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    Passenger tossed after flipping out over staff’s ‘Merry Christmas’

    in Politics Discussion on 30 December 2014

    Panama said:Even atheists celebrate Christmas :^) Tell that to idiot Penn Gillete where (to him) "Merry Christmas" is basically saying *You're not a part of this holiday because you're not christian.* I respect the guy and all but him saying merry christmas is leaving people out of the holiday is stupid since the holiday is not exclusive to christians, and since it's so intertwined...

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    Nintendo will never be "third party friendly"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 December 2014

    Aiddon said:Though we all know the hardware is completely 3rd party friendly. Is it hard to develop for? No. Is it expensive to develop for? No. We all know what's REALLY going on: Nintendo just doesn't kiss 3rd parties' asses and thus they're bitter about it. Nintendo refuses to be intimidated by what can best be described as bullying or at the very least incessant whining. What 3rd...

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    Give me ONE reason Nintendo shouldn't go 3rd party.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 December 2014

    There are a lot of factors as to why they shouldn't go third party. Though if you really want to know, the strongest reason would have to be is that it's not sustainable for them. In fact it would be more expensive to go third party. Nintendo's philosophy is that hardware is a way to create value in software. If you really want to play Mario, Zelda, etc. you can only play them on the hardware...

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    Miyamoto: 'What can games learn from film? Nothing'

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 November 2014

    I get where he's getting at as well as where everyone else  here (who disagrees with him).  Videogames have become more than just video games, which is actually a bad thing if you really think about it (I mean really think about it).   Stories in video games have not been the same ever since the end of the 6th generation. Stories in gaming has (for the most part) always been...

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    Xenoblade Chronicles X - Nintendo Direct Footage 11.5.2014

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 November 2014

    Locknuts said:Iwata lost some weight. Xenoblade looks awesome. Well thats what happpens when you're on an IV in the hospital. No food solids just liquids. Just enough to keep you'r body running and from going hungry. ...

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    Can anyone say to me why nintendo shos us a grpahic and than they use another in ZELDA U??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 November 2014

    curl-6 said:Because Eiji Aonuma has a fetish for toon shading and is in denial about the fact that it's not what the market wants. Bingo.......nothing else to say other than his other fetish for puzzle elements....

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    Is Nintendo's "Family/Kids First" Console Formula Simply Doomed To Fail?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 September 2014

    The reason why we see more kids (5 to 12 or so) playing more mature titles is because the industry has warped and the pushed the idea that being a kid is "lame" thus in order to be "cool" you have to play the more, adult/mainstream games. To them that's what growing up means. It's a that kind of mentality that slapped Nintendo with an image that they've never been able to shake off. Now you may...

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    Could Bayonetta 2 Have A Shot At GOTY?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 September 2014

    archbrix said: Mr Khan said: Red4ADevil said:No...........just no.........nope. Not a chance. Hate to say it like that because it's the cold hard truth. Why? (let me explain to the best of my knowledge/theory).......With all the shit that's been going on with the industry and its journalists/press, and the fact that no game from Nintendo has never been even nominated (Wind...

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    Could Bayonetta 2 Have A Shot At GOTY?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2014

    No...........just no.........nope. Not a chance. Hate to say it like that because it's the cold hard truth. Why? (let me explain to the best of my knowledge/theory).......With all the shit that's been going on with the industry and its journalists/press, and the fact that no game from Nintendo has never been even nominated (Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are the exception) let alone won GOTY....

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    Smash Bros is a sexist game and nobody should buy it

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 August 2014

    Dadrik said:I'm a strong independant man and this screenshot opresses me. It gives impossible standards and make me feel bad about myself. Where can I find such a sword, dammit ? Also, Shulk in underwear assaulting Luigi while he's passed out on the floor ? RAAAAAAAAPE ! Nah! All he is going to do is body slam him. Yo know, like how they always do with "wrastling."...

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    An Interesting History of the Sexualisation of Samus Aran

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 August 2014

    The article is a crock of useless boiling horse shit. I think Sean Malstrom said it best. (and I quote below) These is just a fraction of his piece but it makes too much sense not to ignore. "It’s nice when people realize it is ridiculous to worry about fantasy women who only exist in our imaginations. If women can’t look hot in fantasy, then where can they look hot? Are we to...

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    Do you have a PS4, XB1, or Wii U?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 July 2014

    Wii U. I have no plans to get an X1. PS4 maybe if they come up with some software that tickles my fancy....

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    The one videogame genre that you never get into.(Poll inside!)

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2014

    As ironic as it might sound, I'm not into some RPGS such as Pokemon, MMORPGs, or even Tactical RPGs, Just give a good ol dungeon crawler, or Turn/Real Time based RPG. ...

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    What´s the last game you played that really pissed you off due to its difficulty/cheapness/other reasons?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 July 2014

    The Wonderful 101 Vorkken battles made me so frustrated. Every time I try to unite morph, he manages to strike me before I get a chance. Especially with the Chef's gun....

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    Are AAA Titles Killing The Gaming Industry?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2014

    Tagging for later......

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    Movies that make you cry :'(

    in Movies Discussion on 05 July 2014

    jigokutamago said:Only this random Asian movie about a random grandma. Summer Wars? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) That movie brought a tear to my eye mainly from the grandmother's will scene where she was telling the family to make her funeral brief and move on. Because that reminded about when my mother was telling me not to mourn about her for long and move one. I'm paraphrasing here but...

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