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Forums - Sales Discussion - Historical Consoles Showdown


Which battle was more interesting to follow through the years ?

PS2 & DS 1 11.11%
PS1 & Wii 0 0%
PS3 & 360 6 66.67%
PS4 & Gameboy 0 0%
PSP & 3DS 0 0%
PSV & Wii U 0 0%
PS360 & PS4/XB1 2 22.22%

This is the Historical Console Showdown comparison thread.

This new sales thread will be about Historical Lifetime sales of already dead consoles ending very close with each other and will only be updated once ongoing console dies and in that case there may be some new comparisons depending on the performance of that given console, or in the rare cases of adjustments of old consoles presented here or when I decide to add new comparison. The model will be just like the Lifetime Console Showdown thread however for some of them where monthly data is not available the comparison will be quarterly (such as PS2) or even by Fiscal Years ( such as Gameboy) and it will be for the entire lifecycle of the given systems.

The battles are as follows:

  • PlayStation 2 vs Nintendo DS (157M & 154M) (Shipments)
  • PlayStation 1 vs Nintendo Wii (102.5M & 101.6M) (Shipments)
  • PlayStation 4 vs Nintendo GameBoy (117.2M & 118.7M) (Shipments)
  • PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 4 & Xbox One (173.2M vs 175.2M)
  • PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 (87.4M & 85.7M)
  • PlayStation Portable vs Nintendo 3DS (82.5M & 76M)
  • PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo Wii U (15.8M & 13.6M)

More information on the comparisons is in the post after that one.