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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Well will Bayonetta 2 sell on Switch?

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Bayonetta 2 is coming to Switch in February along with the original(!), which is good news for fans of the Switch and the Bayonetta series. But looking forward, I'm not sure how well the game will actually do on the Switch, all things considered.


Factors Helping Bayonetta 2

  • The Switch is much more popular than the Wii U was even at its height in late 2014, so plenty of Switch owners would never have gotten to play it.
  • The character is arguably more popular than ever, thanks in part to her appearance in Super Smash Bros and the PC version of the original game.
  • The game will likely have a second wind of sales when Bayonetta 3 is released, likely in 2019 or later.
  • No other action games seem to be coming to the Switch around the same time.
  • Includes the original!


Factors Hurting Bayonetta 2

  • None of the Bayonetta games have ever sold amazingly well. Bayonetta 2 only sold 0.84 million despite coming bundled with the original.
  • Some games ported to Switch did noticably worse than even on the Wii U. Pokken had half the week 1 sales on Switch as on Wii U, and LEGO City had a third as many sales. The main exception is Mario Kart 8, which seems to be roughly on par between its Wii U and Switch versions despite the Switch version including new content.
  • Other Action games on Switch, such as Fire Emblem Warriors, have not done very well thus far.


I personally am expecting Bayonetta 2 on Switch to perform about as well as the Wii U version, in the rough 700,000 to 900,000 sales range. The upcoming third game can then sell significantly better, assuming it's on par with the first two entries in the series.

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Gonna say 500k WW

If it does 500K in total, then it's a victory. I would expect Bayonetta 3 above the 1M mark, of course !

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I think Bayonetta will sell very Well. Bayonetta is the first Game in the next year on Nintendo switch and the First H&S in the console. The Game is more popular than ever (Smash Bros). Switch sells better than Wii U. Two Games in One. 90-91 Metacritic B1-B2. Now play anywhere. Nintendo fans love the really Exclusive Games on their Nintendo consoles.
My prediction: 1M-1.5M LT.

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yeah 500k sounds right.

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Literally everything sells like gold on the switch, if this momentum keeps up bayonetta will be no different.

I think it does reasonably well.  One problem with your numbers right now is you're comparing lifetime sales of games like Pokken Tournament to just a few months on market Switch. The Switch has brought over a lot of new non-nintendo fans so I could see Bayonetta 2 doing just as well as it did on Wiiu if not better.

As far as I know it is only sold digital, am I right? So I think 300K-500K. If it releases physical (non-limited) a million is possible.

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Price is going to be a big factor here too. If this is released at full MSRP it'll definitely hamper sales, but if it's released at a much lower price point (say under $40) it'll sell alot better.

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