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    Iranian General Killed by US Attack

    in Politics Discussion on 03 January 2020

    SpokenTruth said: NightDragon83 said: Yeah you're right, he should have taken a page from Obama's playbook... just ignore the attack of an American Embassy, and then afterwards blame said attack on "spontaneous protests" sparked by a YouTube video. BTW, the week Clinton launched those attacks in Iraq was not only the same week he was impeached, but also the week that his approval...

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    Iranian General Killed by US Attack

    in Politics Discussion on 03 January 2020

    teamsilent13 said: Hiku said: Well, it will be interesting to see how this develops.Probably wouldn't be the first president to start a war to boost chances of re-election. Trump will lose my vote and many others if this escalates to war. I can't see this being a logical strategy. Maybe he doesn't care about re-election and his Israeli handlers are doing their last...

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    Iranian General Killed by US Attack

    in Politics Discussion on 03 January 2020

    SpokenTruth said: NightDragon83 said: Jeez, just who does Trump think he is... Bill Clinton??? Leave it to Trump take the worst pages from Bill's playback and run with them. Yeah you're right, he should have taken a page from Obama's playbook... just ignore the...

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    Iranian General Killed by US Attack

    in Politics Discussion on 03 January 2020

    Jeez, just who does Trump think he is... Bill Clinton??? ...

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    Let's talk Metroid ( New Poll Added: Samus goes to Hollywood? )

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2019

    I was really hoping for a Prime Trilogy HD remaster on the Switch to be announced by now, would love to replay all 3 games with the Prime 3 control setup for the first 2 games and the Switch is the perfect console to port these titles to. And since 8/16-bit retro style games are all the rage these days, I would love it if Nintendo graced us with a true 2D sequel to Super Metroid or even...

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    Dutch national railroad is going to compensate the people deported to concentration camps

    in Politics Discussion on 27 June 2019

    When I first read the headline I thought this was going to be about the situation on the southern US border with all the left wing Democrats and media figures constantly comparing the makeshift housing centers for illegal immigrants to actual concentration camps. This must be the first time in history where people are voluntarily traveling hundreds if not thousands of miles just to get into said...

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    E3 1996 Voting

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2019

    From what I remember reading in videogame magazines at the time, the PlayStation was getting tons of praise for games like Crash and Tomb Raider and alot of game journalists were declaring Sony the "winner" of E3 in '96, but by years end Nintendo was the one wrapping up most of the GOTY / console of the year awards. And regarding the price wars at the time, Nintendo had already announced the...

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    NK Tests New Tactical Missile

    in Politics Discussion on 18 April 2019

    Eagle367 said: I don't condone how NK treats it's citizens but I don't and wouldn't trust the US government at all. They have broken multiple contracts, ousted multiple elected leaders and dictators, committed numerous war crimes, defended and even employed multiple war criminals, have been on the wrong side of history too many times, and don't seem to learn any lessons from any of it....

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    Final Fantasy VII finally available on a Nintendo platform

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 March 2019

    Now SE needs to put out a physical release collection of FFVII, VIII and IX so they can all be on a cartridge 20 years later!l. And ironically there'd still be plenty of room left on the cart even after a total of 11 CDs worth of games are loaded onto it lol....

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    Games that presented the biggest leap over their predecessor

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 March 2019

    The leap from Mega Man 8 -> Mega Man 9 The 12 year wait between sequels was totally worth it just for MM9's amazing grafix alone!...

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    What is the Most Irrelevant Smash Bros. Game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 March 2019

    3DS / Wii U now that Ultimate on theSwitch basically combines the full roster and portability of both versions. I still play OG Smash from time to time, its a great pick up and play party game and I still enjoy its simplicity compared to all the stuff that's been crammed into later versions....

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    Retro Games overrated vs underrated: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2019

    It's justly rated, I'm surprised the MC score is as high as it is tbh.  I'd put it in the 75-80 category myself.  The thing Turok had going for it was it came at a time early in the N64's life where there was a dearth of software, especially quality 3rd party titles.  Most 3rd party games at that point were not all that great or just rushed ports from the arcade or other...

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    Worst decision you can/did make in a game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2019

    Like alot of others on here I've had problems in RPGs where I saved the game when I shouldn't have had, or didn't created any backup saves.  Super Mario RPG was my first ever in the genre back in the day, and for my first playthrough I only used one save slot, same as pretty much any other game with save capabilities that I had ever played up to that point (Super Mario World, ALTTP,...

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    Metro dev says next game won't be on PC if players boycott. EDIT: Official Statement made

    in PC Discussion on 03 February 2019

    Didn't EA / DICE basically say the same thing to gamers with Battlefield V... "If you don't like it, then don't buy it!" Turns out gamers listened! This is really dumb on the developer's part because isn't Metro's biggest install base on the PC? You're gonna refuse to release the latest installment on the biggest platform simply because people were upset about your exclusive online retailer...

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    Nintendo's share price takes a -4% hit after MP4's announcement.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 January 2019

    They should fill the void this year by releasing an HD remaster of the Prime Trilogy. It's only been 17(!) years since the first one dropped and 12 since the last one... best way to drum up hype for a new installment is to allow people to rediscover the games or play them for the first time. I mean we know those GameCube ports are coming eventually (Sunshine HD please!), so might as well throw...

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    Is PewDiePie an anti semitic Youtuber???

    in General Discussion on 12 December 2018

    LOL The Verge and ResetEra! This is nothing but a fishing expedition by left of center media outlets trying to smear PewDiePie, probably in response to the trashing he gave their beloved 2018 edition of Rewind and how much support he continues to draw when they've been predicting his demise since last year. Reminds me of the stuff the Wall Street Journal ran last year about Pewds which set off...

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    Best and worst generational transitions for a series

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 December 2018

    The 2D-3D jump during the 32/64 bit generation immediately came to mind when I saw the thread topic. The best example is probably Mario 64, Nintendo nailed the transition of the franchise to 3D. At the same time, that generation also saw the best and worst of the Castlevania series for example, with SOTN sticking to its 2D roots and becoming and instant classic while the Castlevania 64 games...

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    Youtube Rewind 2018 becomes the 2nd most disliked youtube video ever in two days.

    in General Discussion on 09 December 2018

    *Emperor Palpatine's voice* YouTube's journey towards the Dark Side is complete! The unholy alliance of today's social media platforms from Facebook to Google / YouTube to Twitter is truly something to behold. It's like going back to the days of having just 3 network channels to chose from on TV, all with the same common goals and agendas. Except the power that today's social platforms wield...

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    As store closures mount up, is there hope left for physical games outlets?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 December 2018

    I wish GameStop would go back to the EB / Babbages / FuncoLand style of retailer they originally were and offer a wide selection of both new and classic console hardware & software with specialty items / merch added in. Would get a lot more people in their stores....

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    Post your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul!

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 November 2018

    Other than a couple of eShop titles (full version of Puyo Puyo Tetris and Undertale, which I've yet to start). I still have some games left over from last year's BF that I haven't even opened yet (PS4 versions of Dishonored 2 and FFX/X2 remastered). Just haven't had the time to invest in games the way I have in previous years, and while there were a couple of nice deals nothing compelled me to...

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