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Welcome to the 14th Annual Greatest Games Event! The Discussion Thread here is where everyone can talk about their top 50 games, and also where we'll be trying to guess each other's games in the customary guessing game. I used the word "game" a lot there, but I suppose it's the spirit!

• All discussion is to be had in this thread. The Official Thread is only for posting our lists, once.

• I encourage everyone to ask questions and spark discussion. These are our favorite games of all time after all, and don't be shy to tell others why a certain game is so great, or to ask another user why their game made it on the list. The more discussion, the better!

• That said, please keep things civil and fun. There is no room in this thread for flaming others or trolling games/systems. This hasn't really been a problem in recent years, but it'd be nice if it continued that way.

• Follow the table below to know which day we're on:

November 12th Game #50
November 13th Game #49
November 14th Game #48
November 15th Game #47
November 16th Game #46
November 17th Game #45
November 18th Game #44
November 19th Game #43
November 20th Game #42
November 21st Game #41
November 22nd Game #40
November 23rd Game #39
November 24th Game #38
November 25th Game #37
November 26th Game #36
November 27th Game #35
November 28th Game #34
November 29th Game #33
November 30th Game #32
December 1st Game #31
December 2nd Game #30
December 3rd Game #29
December 4th Game #28
December 5th Game #27
December 6th Game #26
December 7th Game #25
December 8th Game #24
December 9th Game #23
December 10th Game #22
December 11th Game #21
December 12th Game #20
December 13th Game #19
December 14th Game #18
December 15th Game #17
December 16th Game #16
December 17th Game #15
December 18th Game #14
December 19th Game #13
December 20th Game #12
December 21st Game #11
December 22nd Game #10
December 23rd Game #9
December 24th Game #8
December 25th Game #7
December 26th Game #6
December 27th Game #5
December 28th Game #4
December 29th Game #3
December 30th Game #2
December 31st Game #1

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(Threads from 2018-2021 are broken, but I promise they actually happened!)

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Woo! All is right with the world now that it's "greatest games" season.

I have at least two new games in my top 50. Finalizing my list this week, hopefully...

Good to be back. I have the most new games since the first year I joined. And that's despite only having played 2.5 games from this packed year.

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I played with the ranking tool mentioned in the sign up thread and it has shaken up the rankings quite a bit...

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Yeah buddy! Here we go

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Right right right.. I'll do the thing tomorrow, and then start the stuff. All good.

TruckOSaurus said:

I played with the ranking tool mentioned in the sign up thread and it has shaken up the rankings quite a bit...

Wait, what rankings are you talking about?


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Well 2023 has been quite the year. Lots of high quality games released this year and some ended up on the list and some old one's had to leave sadly.

I also got to play some games from previous years that i missed out on. And the most interesting part is there may be a new contender for number 1 on my list this year. 

Very excited to see the results this year.

mZuzek said:
TruckOSaurus said:

I played with the ranking tool mentioned in the sign up thread and it has shaken up the rankings quite a bit...

Wait, what rankings are you talking about?

This I think -