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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Bros Wonder announced; all new 2D Mario (Update: Out now!)

Launching October 20th.

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Already sold on it. Now to try and not watch any more trailers :P

So Mario on drugs?

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I expected a new mario game, I did not expect this. It already looks like a must play

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UnderwaterFunktown said:

So Mario on drugs?

I can't find a better response for this without defiling the grave of one of the oldest jokes made about Mario.

I'm a sucker for 2D Mario so I will definitely be buying this!

This looks like it's the game New Super Mario Brothers U should have been. A fresh take that is bursting with character and originality instead of looking like an uprezzed New Super Mario Brothers Wii, and something truly new that would make sense releasing the same year as the 3DS 2d Mario game.  Nintendo listened to people's complaints about the 'New' subseries.

This should easily clear 20m and could even go past 30m if reception is good. I like how they're leaning into the weirdness of the Mario universe with this.

I just need online co-op to be confirmed and for it to run smoother than the system in 3D World for Switch.

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