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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Bros Wonder announced; all new 2D Mario (Update: Out now!)

If you actually look at it, you can sorta tell it probably is based off the NSMB engine, but they redid the character animations and the backgrounds are a stylistic break (thank God) from that tired ass generic NSMB style.

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day 1 for me!


Great. Been expecting a new Mario 2D game not of the "New" series for the Switch for a while now. Figured it had to be this holiday since Switch's time is coming to a close in the near future. And sure enough Nintendo delivered.

Looks crazy haha. Hopefully it's good. I'll use my remaining Nintendo voucher to pick this up day 1.

It looks wonderful. I'm loving the art style and character selection. It would be even better if Toadette. Rosalina, Wario and Waluigi (he would be a massive longshot) are playable as well.
2D Mario needed a break after NSMB2, NSMBU, and NSLU. The SMM duology and NSMBUDX seemed to hold down the fort for those 10+years. Super Mario Bros. Wonder needs to be a style in Super Mario Maker 3.
I'm 99% sure now that the next 3D Mario will be on Switch 2. As for the odds that it is cross-gen, who knows?

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30+ million


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Looks like Switch has at least one more 20+ million seller on the way!

Looks very weird in a good way.

Definitely going on my Yule list.

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Rol is gonna lose his fucking marbles.

Looks awesomely weird, and I'm so looking forward Daisy and Yoshi becoming playable characters. This looks like it's bursting with originality.