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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Game developers are blown away by Tears of the Kingdom

Pajderman said:
zeldaring said:

you have no clue to what you are talking about. explain why  is every single AAA developer pushing graphics if it doesn't matter?

I think it is because it is comparably easy to do and even easier to show progress compared to gameplay. Anyone can look at two different game trailers and see what game have the best graphics. It is a lot harder to determine what game have the more enjoyable gameplay. You can lure new players with a beautiful presentation but you will keep them with engaging gameplay. 

Graphics does matter, but not for long especially since the tech is improving so fast. Games that look good today will look bad in a few years but games that play well today will most likely play good in a few years. There is always exceptions of course. 

Thats exactly my point and just stating  the obvious that AAA developers  are focused and selling there games by pushing  graphics, and cutting edge graphics already taxing hardware add in heavy physics and you need way more time and budget that they just can't afford. its not like i'm saying graphics are the selling point its what all AAA games are doing. you already see games like jedi survivor and elden ring ps5 version can't even hold 60fps

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Is it true that they've changed the game engine for TOTK, because the gameplay mechanics weren't possible with the BOTW engine, so they used the Splatoon 3 engine instead?

zeldaring said:
pikashoe said:

Yeah it's a selling point mostly for enthusiasts and console fanboys, but we aren't talking about enthusiasts we're talking about the average person and the average person has proven time and time again that they don't care that much about graphical fidelity. And you have said absolutely nothing to refute anything I've said you just keep ignoring anything that doesn't fit your viewpoint and thats a consistent issue with you in every thread I've seen you post in.

you have no clue to what you are talking about. explain why  is every single AAA developer pushing graphics if it doesn't matter? do they just love throwing money away? you name a few mega hits as your point and ignore everything else in the industry which is pushing graphics. anyway done with this. you are right every AAA developer is spending millions on pushing graphics as much as they can for nothing. i'm sure they don't what they are doing 

Anyway i was only stating that AAA developers are putting all there time in effort into graphics instead of physics which is facts. 

I'm not saying it doesn't matter I'm saying the average person doesn't care that much. Which has been proven time and time again. I could name dozens upon dozens of games that haven't pushed graphics to a significant degree that have been extremely successful. Games like Cod and fifa are among the best sellers on playstation every single year and they don't push graphics all that much. If graphics were the most important thing every gen the most powerful console would sell the most and the most graphically advanced games would be the most successful but that just is not the case.

siebensus4 said:

Is it true that they've changed the game engine for TOTK, because the gameplay mechanics weren't possible with the BOTW engine, so they used the Splatoon 3 engine instead?

They all use lunchpack, just customised. The new mechanics were probably more not possible on the Wii U.

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zeldaring said:

This game is next level physics but look at the graphics lol. 

Teardown is next-level thinking, more than anything. It's been suggested a long, long time ago that eventually video game graphics will transition from polygon based to some kind of volumetric based calculations of the game worlds, and Teardown is, so far, as experimental and low budget as it is, probably best example of that future.

Eventually, there will be worlds that are built around premise that everything in them has physical properties and can interact with everything in it, but that will call for significant shift in game dosing as well (so no more axes that go through wooden doors, or big trees, or wooden bokoblin ouposts, etc.).

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zeldaring said:

So 4 games in decades of gaming, and crisis was not a huge success, half life did good but nothing amazing. BOTW main selling point was freedom/exporation and not physics.  TOTK is like the first real one but it's also riding botw massive success. Graphics are much bigger selling point.

I feel like you made this comment without doing much research. 

Games like FIFA and Madden are extremely popular, and they constantly advertise updated and improved ball physics. FIFA in particular is actually pretty great at simulating the way a ball moves, bounces, loses speed due to traction, etc. (Which is why some FIFA games, like FIFA 20, were blasted for it's poor physics)

Half Life 2s gameplay is centered around physics (hence the gravity gun). Half Life Alyx also uses enhanced physics for the realism of the world. Half Life 2 and Alyx are both considered some of the best games of their time, so saying that they merely did "good" is an understatement. 

BotW was absolutely praised for its physics at the time. That's how people have so much freedom to solve puzzles the way they want. A quick Google search can show you results of people praising BotWs physics, from developers, to the media, to random people on Reddit. 

Red Faction series praised itself on its physical based interactions. The first two used a geo mod system where you could create your own pathways anywhere, but Guerilla (the most popular entry) was about demolishing buildings with realistic physics applied to them. 

Kerbal Space Program and Microsoft Flight Simulator are both popular (albeit less than BotW), and physics is central to its entire gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege uses destruction and physics simulation in order to enhance the gameplay dramatically. You have to account for people making their own doors, not just watching the doors that are made. You can shoot through walls, floors, doors, etc. Which can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending upon how you use it. 

The Sniper Elite series prides itself on its realistic ballistics simulation. Star Wars Jedi uses physics for it's puzzles, GTAV has a huge community that does nothing but have fun with the physics in the game.

Human Fall Flat, Portal series, Goat Simulator, Gary's Mod, Crysis series, Teardown, Far Cry 2, Star Wars The Force Unleashed series, Crackdown series, the Worms series, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Uncharted 4, Skate series, etc. All of these games use physics as part of it's general gameplay to varying degrees. Some more so than others, but all of them wouldn't have the same impact without them.

In fact, I recommend you go to the Havok engine website right now and look at all the games that use the Havok Engine for physics. It's A LOT of games. Surprising ones too, like Crash Team Racing and Assassins Creed. That's not even the only physics engine either. 

Here I provided you with new games, old games, popular games, unpopular games, games with physics centered gameplay and games where physics just enhances the gameplay. I also provided you with MUCH more than 4, so I am expecting not to see any excuses for why certain things don't count.

Now, does anyone do it like TotK? No way...but that's why it's so impressive. This idea that TotK created the idea that "physics are fun" shouldn't be spread. People have been having fun with physics for decades now. TotK just pushed that fun even further by expanding in ways no other developer has ever done before. 

pikashoe said:

This is why I find it hilarious when people on forums try to dismiss this game and pretend like it's not impressive or an achievement.

I think the complaints are more to do with that the game looks dated as its similar to BotW which was a launch game and that the Switch is limiting the  potential to step up significantly over BotW. 

If all you game on is Nintendo then you wouldn't really notice it but when you got a high end PC or a next gen console they have stepped up over their predecessor.

SO I don't think its a negative but more a wish the game come out the next gen Nintendo system built from ground up to maximise the visuals. 



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zeldaring said:
curl-6 said:

Okay we're done here. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it's obvious you're only on this forum to stir up trouble and have no interest in being reasonable.

Whats unreasonable here? I'm just telling you the facts. every single developer is pushing graphics. almost every game coming out is pushing cutting edge graphics except for Nintendo. Name any game AAA game coming out in the next 3  years with advanced physics

'Every developer is pushing graphics, except the developer/publisher with the most recognised and highest quality games, responsible for more software and hardware sales than anyone'.

You don't see what's dumb about that statement?

curl-6 said:
zeldaring said:

Zelda is using the havoc physics engine. what makes it so impressive is that it's doing so many things with out breaking the game in massive open world. No one is is gonna be able to do what zelda did with physics unless they use the same style graphics which is basically a 7th gen game and even then Nintendo spent a insane amount on money on BOTW and the average Japanese developers get paid peanuts compared to US and Europe.

The reason others haven't pulled off the things that Nintendo does here is not because of graphics.

It's not a matter of just throwing money at the problem either; the budget that many AAA games get on PS/Xbox/PC likely dwarfs any Nintendo game.

It's a matter of blood, sweat, tears, and sheer skill from some of the best developers in the world.

It's that the devs develop a vision of what they want of their new game beyond a "let's have it more polygons, lol". I actually think that focus on making stuff look realistic really hampers artistic vision, and that reaches far beyond the looks, but includes stuff as such crazy gameplay mechanics.

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