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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - TotK really makes Switch feel dated

VAMatt said:
Kakadu18 said:

So TotK looks objectively graphically worse than Skyrim? Bullshit

Not sure where you came up with that statement to argue against. It isn't a statement I made. 

You clearly said that TotK graphically looks like an indie game from 10-15 years ago, so worse than a AAA game from back then like Skyrim. It is very clearly a statement you made, Skyrim is just an example.

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fedfed said:

Honestly, all I can say is that I don't agree, a 15 indie years old game? which one really? which PS2 game looks like this one? so BOTW was a Ps1 game in your opinion?

Yeah 15 year old Indie games is wrong, hell indie games on the ps5/Xbox don't look as good as this game. If Kena is considered an indie game, than yes it looks better, but very few things in the environment can be messed with or interacted with.

Hynad said:
masschamber said:

I think every switch game makes the cumbersome wasteful tv tethered dinosaurs of the ps5 and xsx feel dated, you are stuck tied to a television burning like 200 watts, ughhh savagery just to get some more graphics,
I don't understand how anyone can play a console that is missing the freedom feature the switch has

You win the “most dishonest comment of the thread” award!!


Whatever grandpa. Keep your power gobbling stuck i. Tar dinosaur and ill continue living in the modern day with my flexible versatile efficient switch.


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The real purpose of this thread is to make people gush even more about how amazing this game is. Well played, OP. Well played.

super_etecoon said:

The real purpose of this thread is to make people gush even more about how amazing this game is. Well played, OP. Well played.

*Puts "had me good in the first half" meme*

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I just started playing Tears of the Kingdom last night. It looks even worse to me than Breath of the Wild. But I think that's a few reasons...
1. I'm playing it on a 50-inch 4K TV. I played Breath of the Wild on smaller 1080p TVs.
2. It's the year 2023. Even if Tears of the Kingdom does have slightly better graphics than Breath of the Wild, that's a generation of gaming right there in time.
3. I got a PS4 Pro and later a PS5 after getting a Switch. When I have played games that have much higher fidelity than Switch, it becomes pretty noticeable.
I understand Switch is a hybrid and they weren't going to to spend a lot of money to make the tablet more powerful or create a more capable dock. The Switch really could've used a Pro, since even the DS had the DSi and the 3DS had the New 3DS.
Unless Nintendo is going to have a very long life with the Switch before replacement, a Pro died from 2022 onward.

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Jpcc86 said:

The art style is good, but sure, visuals do look dated. Personally Ive opted to play it only with the Switch in portable mode, its too noticeable playing it docked.

Yeah, I've only played it on a 75-in, 4K TV so far. I imagine it might look better in handheld mode. We'll see.  

super_etecoon said:

The real purpose of this thread is to make people gush even more about how amazing this game is. Well played, OP. Well played.

That's not too far off from the truth.  I do think it's at least a very good game, possibly a great one. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to criticize.  The thread was intended to let people express their opinions about the graphics of the game and the Switch hardware, and even the game in general. It seems to have largely succeeded at that. 

Some people are unable of doing anything other than arguing on the internet. So no discussion is ever perfect.  

There will almost definitely be a 4K version for the next Switch console, if it really bothers you that much you can wait ... and spend the $70 then (lol).

Or if you've legally purchased the game, I don't think anyone is going to bemoan you if you choose to play the game on a PC emulator at a higher resolution. Go ahead, knock yourself out. 

Switch is dated. It was using a mobile CPU from 2012 and a mobile GPU from 2015 when it released in 2017, so it's hardware is on average about 9.5 years outdated now in 2023. Hopefully we get Switch 2 in 2024, and hopefully the rumors about Nintendo working on Switch 2 graphics updates for some of their late-life Switch exclusives like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet are true. Would be great to see those games running at a higher native resolution with anti-aliasing turned on and a few other graphics improvements.